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Things You Should Know Before Investing in Web Hosting

Have you ever thought of how you are able to access different things over the internet like podcasts, memes, articles, tweets and lot more? All these lives on a server for which an individual or company pays to keep up and running their website to make it easily accessible. Web hosting is the hidden yet essential services that use various technologies and services to make your website and webpage visible on the internet. The various websites are stored and hosted on special computers called servers. When the internet users want to view your website, they need a...

Choose the Right Operating System for Your Website Hosting

An operating system is a system software program that distributes and manages the server's resources. It acts as a communication bridge between user's and computer's hardware hence, prioritizes user's request and programs. An operating system ensures that the user's content on the server does not interfere with other users. Operating System is one of the most important support systems for a server that ensures smooth processes. It is the foundational software on your server. While availing of the web hosting...

Know the Updated Plans and Packages of Hosting Services

Are you looking forward to bring your business online and want to build your website with affordable servers having more power, stability, and flexibility than shared web hosting? Here we are with a better solution, VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting that help you in meeting your business needs. VPS hosting contains the best elements of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Like shared web hosting, you can put your website on the server that has other sites running on it, but unlike it, there is less number of sites per server. Thus the site shares the...

6 Things Start-ups Must do to Stop Cyber Attacks

Are you experiencing a decrease in website traffic? Or perhaps you weren't able to login as an admin a few days back? Are your website pages taking enough time while loading? If you have ever encountered any of these issues, be aware! Your website might be at risk and it might be a victim of cyber-attacks. Do you know about cyber attacks? If not, let me tell you right here. Cyber attacks are basically malicious attempts in order to exploit data or gain unauthorized access to the user's sensitive data. And when we talk a...

Protection Plan and Tips For Keeping Your E-Commerce Website Secured

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 02 Jul 2019
  • Cloud

The business with more inflow of income, attract criminals. The crime attacks are not limited to offline stores and doing bank robbery, instead, there is an increasing number of cyber crimes these days. E-commerce websites are the primary target of online crimes and the rate is increasing and is expected to keep rising with time. It is therefore essential for website owners and customers to keep their website secure. The lack of knowledge of e-commerce security lead to huge losses like taking time over of an online store, disru...

Top Factors That Might Affect Your Website Performance

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 24 Jun 2019
  • Hosting

Ever happened that you visit a website and you had to wait while website pages are loading? It generally happens with us whenever we are surfing over the web. Isn’t it? But this is not the question. The major concern is that, do we prefer to re-visit a website which took a long time while loading? Of course not!  We must agree that the website which has a quicker loading of pages and displays instant results will definitely receive better customer engagement as compared to a slow website. And the reason is simple- ev...

How Lewis Institute Attained Heights With Help of jiWebHosting

THE BACKGROUND Founded in 1981 by Jim Lewis, Lewis Institute is a website which helps people through training or consulting. The community has a combined hundred years of experience with managing innovation projects, in fairly diverse fields that include engineering and biotechnology. The website offers various online courses and live seminars sponsored by the Lewis Institute experts who can answer your real-world questions. ...

How SMBs are Availing Benefits of Cloud Hosting Solutions?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 26 Apr 2019
  • Hosting

The advancement of the technological world put many challenges in front of small and medium-size businesses. The biggest challenge is the management and security of a huge amount of the company's data. This challenges led them to adopt cloud hosting solutions that helps them in reducing the need for internal IT resources and the time that is spent to manage them. Also, it helps the IT companies to optimize their budget, managing time and in focusing more on the critical processes. With the cloud hosting solutions the compan...

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