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Tips to Make Your Website Anti-Malware!

Being the website owner, it's like a nightmare of getting your website hacked or data being altered. Isn’t it? Keeping your website safe from the hackers is simply not an easy process to be carried out. Unknowingly, our websites are put at risk each day from an unknown threat resulting in a huge loss for us! The United States suffered from over 238.6 million web attacks, out of which 30.1 percent of web app attack traffic originated from IP addresses. Protection against M...

Role of Your Web Hosting provider in Improving SEO Performance of the Website

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 14 Aug 2018
  • Hosting

Enhancing the execution of your website is the target of all business owners. Also, with an ever-increasing number of competitors entering the market every day, things have turned out to be harder. Organizations are battling hard to gain web visibility, and they do everything to boost their rankings. The fight is not just with analytics and picking the correct keywords, it also starts with your hosting service provider.  A good web hosting company can assist you to enhance your marketing techniques and enable you to a...

Questions You Must Ask Your Web Hosting Provider!

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 09 Aug 2018
  • Hosting

Problems never knock your door and come! So does your customers. We have no idea at which point of the day or night, the customer will reach your website to look up for some services. In case your website page in unavailable at the moment, he will be disappointed and will not return back to you ever. Agree? This means your website needs to be finely and smoothly working 24/7 to offer your customers the desired outputs. What is the need of a web hosting provider? Majority of the organizations have got...

Free or Paid SSL Certificates? Which One is Right for Your Website?

In a time when the number of hacking attempts and fraudulent activities is increasing with each passing day, website owners and online clients have turned out to be substantially more concerned about their security. As an outcome, having an SSL certificate installed has turned into an essential requirement for any website. Also, the search engines like Google have been urging website owners to secure their website by installing an SSL certificate. Some have even rolled out improvements to their search algorithms to pr...

3 Security Threats to Your Dedicated Server You Should Know

There are various reasons why you may choose a dedicated server for your business; however, the most crucial factor when it comes to the choice of a dedicated server is the control offered. Unlike the shared hosting platform, the dedicated server is totally yours and you can configure it according to your requirements. Although a dedicated server provides with complete remote desktop and console access, the level of control provided also arrives in with lots of responsibilities If multiple accounts are available on a hardware s...

Virtual Machines VS Containers: What is the Difference?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 31 Jul 2018
  • Hosting

Everybody is discussing containers, the new technology of virtualization which is extremely taking off in the IT field, particularly in the cloud computing industry. However, many are wondering what are the differences between containers and virtual machines, the method of virtualization most broadly used until now, or if they are really different and perhaps containers are a "simple virtualization". According to a recent

A Complete Guide to Dedicated Web Hosting

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 25 Jul 2018
  • Hosting

Picking the right hosting solution is one of the first and most important decisions you will make for your website. While there are a lot of available choices, none can coordinate the flexibility and level of control you will get with a dedicated server. When you use a dedicated hosting service, you will be given a server that is exclusive to you. This guarantees no other client will share your resources or have access to your information. You also get control over the server, so you can ensure your website is more secure and p...

Managing Your Web Server Using jiWebPanel

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 18 Jul 2018
  • Hosting

jiWebPanel is one of the market pioneers with regards to controlling the hosting platforms. It is being used by numerous web hosting companies because of ease of managing, flexibility, customization and a backing of incredible quality and support. The majority of the population having a place with the web hosting industry know about the advantages of utilizing jiWebPanel. However, in the event that you are a beginner at utilizing jiWebPanel, we recommend you to complete a couple of things during the initial phase before you start your jiWebPanel hosting platf...

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