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What Makes jiWebHosting So Different?

Experience Trouble-Free Migrations with jiWebHosting. Run updates, monitor performance, and onboard new prospects all from the same place.

Choice of Operating System

With jiWebHosting, you have a choice of an operating system that best fits your needs. You can check the prerequisites for the application you want to use and choose the operating system for your hosting.

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Free SSL With Every VPS Hosting

We provide automated and imported SSL certificates with every VPS Hosting account to keep your website safe from malware attacks.

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Fully Managed Virtual Servers

We offer fully managed, easy-to-use virtual hosting solutions to our customers if they are outgrowing their shared web hosting or simply want more control for popular websites and mobile applications.


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Manage Containers On Servers

We offer a solid administration tool that helps in connecting & managing multiple machines, modifying network settings, accessing a web-based shell, interacting with Kubernetes, LXD, and Microk8s.

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24*7 Support

We have trained in-house experts available 24*7 to help answer your questions, get you started, and grow your presence online. You can call, chat, or email us anytime.

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Fast and Secure Servers

We have fast and secure servers with super-fast solid-state hard drives, running super optimized server software for a spectacular performance. We keep the hackers out and protect our customers against DDOS attacks with multiple levels of security.

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Secure Web Hosting Panel

All our web hosting plans come with a control panel for account management that allows managing your files, folders, and databases, create email accounts, manage domains, and a lot more for people of all skill levels.

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