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Secure Email Services for a Seamless Business !

We offer a wide set of services to make your communication secure and safe with the latest security tools.
Our email privacy level helps you in attaining outstanding outputs in the most affordable costs.

Why choose secure Email Services from jiWebHosting ?

Choosing our services for securing your data will be the wise decision as our community evolved out with a wide team of experts holding years of experience in the email security trends. The encryption techniques we implement to secure your data lets you rely on us and build a long-term relationship with our community! We double check each aspect of our projects to safeguard customer data focus on the recent security trends to deliver our customers the most utmost services at the reasonable costs.


End-to-end Encryption

User data is completely protected & secured from the source till the destination in an encrypted form.


Digital Signatures

Digital signatures. are implemented in order to authenticate and integrate each and every message of the user.


Two-factor Authentication

A multi-factor authentication is implemented to safeguard user data in case his password gets compromised.


Data Protection

While creating email accounts, we demand no personal information and keep no IP logs to maintain user privacy.


TLS Encryption

To avoid tampering, forgery, or passive eavesdropping, TLS encryption is implemented and user data is secured.



Our architecture is easy to use and easily compatible with other email providers for smooth operations.

Delivering the best secure email services to you and safeguarding customer data is our assurance. We hold years of experience in the industry and have been delivering the most trustworthy services till date. You can simply rely on us as we implement the most recent security trends including encryption techniques, digital signatures, and all other email security aspects. We make sure that the customer emails and messages are safely kept over a platform which is safe from the hackers and malicious attacks.

Email Server Plans


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Ready to start with our secure email services ?

Get your email services hosted from us to experience the most secure solutions! We assure you the safety of your data!