Secure Mobile App Hosting

At jiWebHosting, we deliver reliable and cost-effective secure mobile app hosting solutions to our clients. With the help of our fully redundant and auto-scalable mobile app hosting plans, you can get your apps run quicker and enable them to grow faster in the smartphone market. Produce and release an enterprise-class mobile application, while entire lifecycle of your application is managed and hosted with high-performance API infrastructure.

By connecting to advanced and most reliable services of secure mobile app hosting at jiWebHosting, you can grab the best within your budget. With us, you can enable a defense mechanism which offers advanced application level security and eliminates possibilities of the slowdown of application. We also offer control panel support to our customers so that they can enjoy features like setting up email accounts, subdomains, add-on domains or install any of the applications.

We can build and manage the infrastructure for your mobile application and our experts will automate and manage your infrastructure as code, letting you push code into production faster and more efficiently. At jiWebHosting, we let the software companies and application developers committed to delivering a superior, scalable network that keeps applications readily available. By focusing on your technical team’s time on the strategic projects, we try to offload your compliance and infrastructure challenges.

Offering you the significant hosting services with an integrated hybrid infrastructure and a wide range of features for your app. Customers rely on our services freely as we are offering the services of 24/7 support for you. Anytime a customer faces any minor or a major issue or has some query or complaint, simply contact our support team. The team of experts and specialists is standing ever ready to assist you with the most suitable solutions in the minimum possible time.

Our expert team holds a wide knowledge and long experience in the latest trends, tools, and techniques used in the industry. Dealing with such an organization will keep you updated about the latest trends practiced in the market. We offer you even free-trials for a period, you can go through and make sure what is appropriate for your organization. We are very well aware of the value of the flexibility and choice, providing different hosting options which combine dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud and public cloud.

We support these options with a portfolio of tools to help you develop, migrate, create, test and back up your apps.