Afraid of storing your digital data at a new place or over a new device? Obviously, no one would rely on an untrusted service to store their precious data on. But what if you get an ideal cloud service which assures and guarantees you the data security with interesting add-ons? You would certainly give it a try and analyze if its worth for storing your data or is just a wastage of time & money.

What is cloud storage?

For startups and medium-sized businesses, the phenomenon of cloud storage has now become a buzzword to store digital data over an online platform, where users can access their data remotely. Cloud is basically referred to as a network of servers which are connected to the internet. Unlike traditional storage of data & other files either in hard disks or on in-house servers, cloud storage resulted in a successful approach for both, businessmen and the customers for the safety of data.

Its convenient services & solutions

Cloud storage has become a powerful concept by offering unique storage options, online services, and many more secure solutions for the better security of the data. Major benefits offered by cloud storage are discussed below to better understand its impact on our data.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud storage removes the expensive hard drives from the concept while removing the time spent on taking huge backups. It directly reduces the operating costs as it charges only 3 cents per gigabyte for internal data storage. Moreover, saving your time and labor spent on taking the large backups.

Easily accessible

Cloud storage allows its users a thorough access to all the files, folders, and other data stored over the cloud regardless of its location worldwide. But a proper internet connection plus the correct user credentials are a must to view the data.

Syncing & space efficiency

Any changes made to the data or a file gets automatically updated over all the devices. Unlike manual data storage, data stored in the cloud will not acquire any physical space over your hardware devices.

Offers you assured secure solutions

Nobody would rely on a service which doesn’t offer you strong security services. Cloud storage implements encryption techniques to safeguard your data completely. Under which the unauthorized users will not be allowed access to any of the data. Moreover, in case of any crash or disaster, there are automated backups generated by the cloud which you can recover anytime within minimum downtime.

Are you ready?

Cloud storage solution has evolved out as the new era of the data technology, surely for better and secured lives. There are numerous organizations offering you the cloud storage hosting with a different set of features and services. jiWebHosting is one such platform which offers you a unique set of features to safeguard your data and files in the most suitable manner. Taking into account the increased web traffic, we offer you 24/7 support services at the most affordable prices. We’ll be glad to share the further details with you.