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Top Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Traditional Hosting

  • Navdeep Kaur
  • 18 Sep 2019
  • Cloud

Cloud technology has made remarkable advancements in the field of website hosting. Cloud Hosting is gaining much popularity among the businesses of every size. Businesses nowadays prefer to host their website on the virtual servers extended by the cloud. The servers are capable to provide any combination of services and resources that a company needs. Many businesses are even moving their websites from other hosting types (shared, dedicated, VPS) to the cloud. Moving to the cloud basically means to migrate your data, software, email, and applications to cloud...

Why To Store Your Data in the Cloud?

  • Navdeep Kaur
  • 04 Sep 2019
  • Cloud

With the growing dependency on the internet and technology, industries are steadily moving away from the local store to something more advanced and secured. This has raised the demand of cloud-hosting services. These servers are in great use as it can be easily accessed anytime and from anywhere. There are many clouds hosting services that provide users the seamless access to all the important data like Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, and a lot more. This not only prevents you from maintaining files on your desktop but also help you in managing email file...

Protection Plan and Tips For Keeping Your E-Commerce Website Secured

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 02 Jul 2019
  • Cloud

The business with more inflow of income, attract criminals. The crime attacks are not limited to offline stores and doing bank robbery, instead, there is an increasing number of cyber crimes these days. E-commerce websites are the primary target of online crimes and the rate is increasing and is expected to keep rising with time. It is therefore essential for website owners and customers to keep their website secure. The lack of knowledge of e-commerce security lead to huge losses like taking time over of an online store, disru...

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