Cloud technology has made remarkable advancements in the field of website hosting. Cloud Hosting is gaining much popularity among the businesses of every size. Businesses nowadays prefer to host their website on the virtual servers extended by the cloud. The servers are capable to provide any combination of services and resources that a company needs. Many businesses are even moving their websites from other hosting types (shared, dedicated, VPS) to the cloud. Moving to the cloud basically means to migrate your data, software, email, and applications to cloud hosting. This enables you to access your data from anywhere across the globe.

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Why Does Your Business Need A Cloud Hosting?

  • To keep up the pace with the growing needs of the customers and meet their requirements.
  • To overcome the limitations extended by the traditional hosting and enhance the website functionality.
  • To evolve in a more developed hosting environment and offer seamless services.

Why Should You Go For Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting?

  • No Downtime: In cloud hosting your website is supported by multiple servers instead of a single server in the traditional hosting. So if at any instant of the time a server goes down, your website does not experience downtime as another server takes up the role of the failed server immediately. Thus, cloud hosting does not let your website experience downtime and keeps it working 24/7 without any hindrance. This enhances the overall performance of the website and improves the user experience.
  • Data Backup: Cloud Hosting offers a prominent feature of disaster recovery. Since the cloud is a multi-server setup so data gets automatically backed up in the interconnected server. If a particular server is compromised, the other servers do not let your website suffer. The data remains safe and can be restored anytime.
  • Flexibility: Cloud Hosting is the right option for you if your business is experiencing fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands. If your requirements increase in the near future, you can easily scale up your services and expand your occupied cloud capacity by drawing taking the remote servers in use. Similarly, if you need to scale down your capacity, the cloud offers flexible services. Along with bandwidth, cloud hosting allows you to expand your other resources also to meet the growing business needs.
  • Independence of Location: Many website owners prefer to rent services in various locations where they expect a considerable audience because search engines favor the locally hosted sites for searches in that area and show results accordingly. Companies do this to increase their ranking on a global level. If a person sitting in Europe searches for a keyword, he is more likely to get results as the websites with .eu ranked higher than .com. With cloud hosting services, this is not required as the cloud platform has servers at all locations across the world. Cloud servers are accessible from anywhere via the internet connection.
  • Plenty of Storage Space: For storing excessive data, traditional hosting offers massive in-house servers that are extremely hard to maintain and are expensive to upgrade. Also, upgrading the server may lead to the website's downtime that can hamper the ranking and performance of the website. Cloud Hosting offers you ample storage space and enables you to easily expand your space when required.
  • Performance: It has been observed that the websites hosted on the cloud exhibit better performance than those hosted on traditional servers. Cloud Hosting increases the page loading speed of the website and hence reduces the bounce rate. Also, the cloud offers a flexible and immediate allocation of resources, disaster recovery plans, energy-saving and climate-friendly server set up that in turn improves the user experience.

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Cloud Hosting Services To Attain Higher SEO Ranking

Cloud Hosting helps your website to achieve a higher rank in the search engine ranking by enhancing user experience. Also, since the downtime is zero in cloud-hosted websites, the search engine can easily crawl your web pages without any obstacle. Cloud Hosting is the smart and latest kind of web hosting that allows you to customize your resources and software applications as per your need. JiWebHosting is the most reliable and potent cloud hosting service provider that assures you to strengthen your website and foster your business growth. Contact us to get more details.