The spring season is the best time of the year when the birds chirp in the surrounding, flower blooms and we all get engaged in clearing out our closets, reorganize the basement, and add a new flavor of beautiful color in our life after the long and chilling winters. All this little task adds refreshment in our lives and boost energy in our mind.

Similarly, to our life, our website too needs some changes and updates from time to time. It is essential to refresh your website to ensure its proper working and to meet desired goals. In this time it is good to take out some time to spring clean your website and give it a new and fresh look.

Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning

  • Make sure all your software and plugins are up-to-date: Are you getting regular update alerts, but ignoring them for so long due to many reasons. Then it is essential, to begin with, the most current security vulnerabilities. It is essential to keep everything up-to-date. Begin the task by looking into the PHP version on your website. If you are still using an older version of PHP then there is a high risk of exposure of the website to the security vulnerabilities. Another important thing to address at the time is the version of WordPress. Is it updated, if not then get the latest version installed on your website and enjoy its benefits? Last but not least, check all plugins. Address them for change and keep your website safe.
  • Review your analytics to pinpoint potential issues: Analytics offers the best way to look for the potential issues on your website. If some of the pages on your website have an unusual bounce rate, then you should consider the design that is keeping people from sticking around. Next, analyze whether mobile users are getting a lower conversion rate than desktop users, then update your buttons to make it more intuitive.
  • Check for broken links: How you feel when you visit a website and click on a certain link and get the dreaded 404 error? It annoys you. Same goes with the user who is visiting your website and experiencing the same. Therefore, now deal with all such broken links and refresh your website for good. You can simplify your task by using free broken line checker and directly put efforts to make updates.
  • Renew your Domain Names: It is essential to keep check the validity of domain plan and make sure you update and renew it to prevent facing any consequences.
  • Give it a proofread: Although you worked hard while adding content to your website and underwent a double-check of every word you had written, still there is a very minor error that skips our eyes at the time. It makes crucial to review and proofread your website content. Go through your website and check for every work and symbols you type to avoid any silly mistake.
  • Confirm your pages look good on mobile: Mobile plays a key role in marketing any product and service. So whether it is an email template or a website design it is essential to get a seamless experience of every kind of device including screen size. Browse your website and check its layout on different mobile phones (android and iOS), this will ensure that your pages look good and are easy to follow on mobile as well.

Summing up

Following and updating your website at a regular interval will keep your website clean and free from any error. A good website is the base of any business nowadays, keeping it clean will help you in doing your job in a better way.

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