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Managed VPS Hosting: A Better Option to Host Your Blog

Are you a full-time blogger or have some blogs posted on the website with the potential of gaining exponential growth? If yes, then which hosting plan are you relying on? Well if you have a blog with the traffic of few hundreds per day then shared web hosting works best for you, but in case your blog is quite imperative and is grabbing more attention with around thousands of viewers in a day, then here is the blog with some important information for you. If your blog has the ability to overgrowth capabilities and offers the...

5 Best Checklist To Assure The Security of Your Web Hosting Server

To have an online presence of your business is as crucial as setting business goals in this digital world. The primary means for the customers to know about your products and services is the internet. Most of the people prefer to visit your website before availing your services. Your website plays an important role in establishing a strong online presence of your business. Once your website is ready, it should be up there on the web for people to see it. For that, you require web hosting services from a trustworthy provider to access the space for...

Common Questions You Must Ask Before Investing in Shared Web Hosting

Shared Webhosting, the most common type of hosting services that offer cost-effective options to the startup and beginners who want to bring their site online. If you are one among the crowd who want to get started online then it is important to get all the essential information about the server and hosting. What to Know About Shared Web Hosting Shared Hosting: As the name suggests, it offers the common server for multiple sites. Thus, the resource...

Know The Major Differences Between Free & Paid Web Hosting

The website has become the basic need of every business or enterprise. There is no difference of opinion in the fact that a website has a remarkable contribution to the lead generation. Your hosting services play an important role in determining the performance of the website. So you mustn't be lured with the name free web hosting and choose the hosting plan smartly. It is a human nature that we get easily attracted to the things that have a 'free' tag but when it comes to hosting your website, you need to know some differences between free and the p...

Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Website With These Quick Tips

The spring season is the best time of the year when the birds chirp in the surrounding, flower blooms and we all get engaged in clearing out our closets, reorganize the basement, and add a new flavor of beautiful color in our life after the long and chilling winters. All this little task adds refreshment in our lives and boost energy in our mind. Similarly, to our life, our website too needs some changes and updates from time to time. It is essential to refresh your website to ensure its proper working and to meet desired g...

If Your Shared Web Hosting Company Does Not Consider These Factors, Then You Need To Make a Move

Shared web hosting is the most common form of hosting services available in the industry. Dues it's cost-effective and user-friendly nature, it is the most preferred hosting option by those establishing their business. Shared web hosting is the kind of web hosting in which multiple sites are hosted by a single physical server. The resources on a server are utilized by many users. This reduces the hosting cost to a considerable amount. Each customer on the shared server gets access to features like databases, monthly tr...

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Web Hosting

Have you ever thought of how you are able to access different things over the internet like podcasts, memes, articles, tweets and lot more? All these lives on a server for which an individual or company pays to keep up and running their website to make it easily accessible. Web hosting is the hidden yet essential services that use various technologies and services to make your website and webpage visible on the internet. The various websites are stored and hosted on special computers called servers. When the internet users want to view your website, they need a...

Choose the Right Operating System for Your Website Hosting

An operating system is a system software program that distributes and manages the server's resources. It acts as a communication bridge between user's and computer's hardware hence, prioritizes user's request and programs. An operating system ensures that the user's content on the server does not interfere with other users. Operating System is one of the most important support systems for a server that ensures smooth processes. It is the foundational software on your server. While availing of the web hosting...

Know the Updated Plans and Packages of Hosting Services

Are you looking forward to bring your business online and want to build your website with affordable servers having more power, stability, and flexibility than shared web hosting? Here we are with a better solution, VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting that help you in meeting your business needs. VPS hosting contains the best elements of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Like shared web hosting, you can put your website on the server that has other sites running on it, but unlike it, there is less number of sites per server. Thus the site shares the...

Top Factors That Might Affect Your Website Performance

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 24 Jun 2019
  • Hosting

Ever happened that you visit a website and you had to wait while website pages are loading? It generally happens with us whenever we are surfing over the web. Isn’t it? But this is not the question. The major concern is that, do we prefer to re-visit a website which took a long time while loading? Of course not!  We must agree that the website which has a quicker loading of pages and displays instant results will definitely receive better customer engagement as compared to a slow website. And the reason is simple- ev...

How SMBs are Availing Benefits of Cloud Hosting Solutions?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 26 Apr 2019
  • Hosting

The advancement of the technological world put many challenges in front of small and medium-size businesses. The biggest challenge is the management and security of a huge amount of the company's data. This challenges led them to adopt cloud hosting solutions that helps them in reducing the need for internal IT resources and the time that is spent to manage them. Also, it helps the IT companies to optimize their budget, managing time and in focusing more on the critical processes. With the cloud hosting solutions the compan...

What Makes jiWebHosting The Best Hosting Service Provider?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 15 Apr 2019
  • Hosting

Web hosting or simply hosting is the renting of server space and bandwidth for maintaining files and documents in your website. The hosting services are either Linux web hosting or Windows hosting. Using web hosting services, users and organizations can store their whole important information, images or other content on the server. jiWebHosting As Your Hosting Partner jiWebHosting has been the leading web hosting service provider offering the best web hosting services to the clients for more than 5 years. The compan...

What The Future of Cloud Computing Holds?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 08 Apr 2019
  • Hosting

What is "Cloud"? Today, most of the People in the tech industry often use the term “cloud” without offering any real explanation to outsiders.  It may sound complicated, but it’s actually a simple concept. The Google definition says it best: cloud computing is “the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer.” Nowadays the growing business needs to introduce the concept of cloud computing in managing a...

Enhance Your Website Performance With an Ideal Hosting Plan

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 01 Apr 2019
  • Hosting

What if you wake up on Sunday morning and find some pages missing on your website? Or let's say you are not able to find your website anywhere over the web? It would be simply a nightmare for you. Isn't it? You might not have experienced this yet, but it is sure that you would have definitely heard about data threats and website getting hacked overnight. As the usage of mobile apps and smartphones is increasing rapidly, it is giving an open invitation to the hackers to peep into your network and fetch the confidential information out of it. Choo...

Top Reasons Why Website Monitoring is Necessary for Websites

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 26 Mar 2019
  • Hosting

We live in a fast evolving tech world where human lifestyles have transformed rapidly. The way we managed our daily tasks today is totally different from the manner we used a few years ago. There is no business today without a website or online presence. Having a website or your mobile application has become a necessity in order to attain a strong customer base. And once you have set up a website, doesn't mean your job simply ends here. You have a lot more things on your task list! Why website monitoring is necessary?

Thinking Of Choosing Free Web Hosting Services: Here's What You Should Know?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 18 Mar 2019
  • Hosting

The word 'free' is itself able to rotate anyone's head. It sounds to be attractive and pull many people to take advantages of the services that can be available free of cost. Talking about the advancement of technology, it is now possible and easy for almost everyone to introduce their own website. Also, the advent of free web hosting services and website builder has enabled people to design a new website in a short perio...

What Is Cryptojacking And How to Prevent It?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 14 Mar 2019
  • Hosting

Who all know about cryptojacking? Or let me ask have you ever heard about cryptojacking? Maybe you wouldn't have heard of this term ever before. No worries, you aren't alone. Cryptojacking is totally a new term which most of the industry influencers are unaware of. Cryptojacking is simply like a nightmare which has harmed a lot. As...

Different Ways How AI is Transforming the Web Hosting Industry

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 11 Mar 2019
  • Hosting

The development of Artificial Intelligence has spread quickly and it has impacted each industry. Regardless of whether it is the hospitality sector, the automobile industry, artificial intelligence has demonstrated its need in every one of the parts. At that point how could the web host industry lag behind? Indeed, even the hosting vendors have profited similarly with the introduction of machine learning, chatbots, and AI into this sector. Need to know more about AI and its influence on the web hosting industry? Continue reading the blog and know better.

Quick Tips to Prevent Health Care Data Breaching

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 28 Feb 2019
  • Hosting

The digital revolution has a powerful impact on every industry including the healthcare sector. The introduction of Electronic Health Records has become the industry standard for recording and maintaining patient data. This helps in better management and reduces the dependency of hospital staff on paperwork. The system makes it easy for the hospital staff and doctors to collaborate effectively to offer better care to the patient, maintaining back-up files and in making...

Different Types of Email Hosting Services

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 21 Feb 2019
  • Hosting

Email plays a very important role in the business world. Email breaks the language barrier and helps you to connect to other people across the world in a professional and concise fashion. This makes it one of the biggest and most powerful communication tool in the business world. Every day thousands of emails are shared to make communication among business owners, potential customers, and clients.  But none of them focus on thinking the ways to craft wonderful emails. Opting for email hosting platform help you in sending t...

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