Cloud computing has emerged as a major marketplace strategy for any company aiming to deliver high-quality services to customers over a variety of channels. As businesses begin to move their data and application functions into the cloud, choosing the right cloud provider is the biggest decision to make, especially for those who involve high levels of online traffic. And for the cloud, like any other platform has to be managed for which you require a cloud hosting provider.

Now the question is not regarding what cloud can do for you, but how can you trust the hosting provider in getting the job done. Investigating the reliability and viability of a cloud hosting provider is one of the most complex areas faced while managing the cloud. This article audit simplifies cloud hosting and will help you find the best solution.

Understanding Business Requirements: You can never select the right web hosting until the requirements are known. Understand the scale of your organization, volume of data and the organic traffic. Answer these questions to yourself to get an estimate for your requirements. Several operations may fluctuate drastically over the time which will subsequently demand increased resources with time and function. Startups can initiate with shared hosting plans which are cost effective and easy to maintain and can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting later when your site grows bigger.

Adding Multiple Domains: Domain names are so cheap that one cannot resist having more than one domain name. According to WebHostingTalk, 80% of the domain owners have more than 5 domains and more than 20% of the owners have more than 50. To host these extra domains, extra space is required. Therefore, it is required to have a web hosting account that allows adding multiple domains. Many budget-friendly hosting companies allow a minimum of 25 addon domains.

Refund Policy: It is important to know how the hosting provider handles refunds so that you do not lose too much if things do not turn suitable for you. Many hosting providers charge a huge cancellation fee when customers cancel their services during the trial period. Get in touch with those hosting providers who offer anytime money back guarantee where you can ask for a pro-rated refund even if the trial period is over.

Easy-to-Use Hosting Control Panel: It is indeed significant to have a user-friendly control panel as it is the brain of your hosting account. You can even go for a third party control panel if it has all the required functions. With an adequate control panel, you do not require to hire a hosting tech support staff for basic services. Most of the hosting providers offer control panel who have their own great tech support.

Account Suspension Limitations: It is certain that no web hosts tolerate hosting of illegal files/folders or services. Moreover, few companies suspend your hosting account if you consume too much of their CPU power or violate their norms. Therefore, it is important for you to read their rules before signing up for their hosting service.

Lastly, there is never a fixed solution to one's hosting requirements. Different websites have unique specifications and thus, it is not about getting the best hosting provider in the world rather it is about getting the right one for you. jiWebHosting is a recommended hosting provider if you are starting up with a website or mobile application. Get in touch with us at if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective hosting solution.