The digital revolution has a powerful impact on every industry including the healthcare sector. The introduction of Electronic Health Records has become the industry standard for recording and maintaining patient data. This helps in better management and reduces the dependency of hospital staff on paperwork. The system makes it easy for the hospital staff and doctors to collaborate effectively to offer better care to the patient, maintaining back-up files and in making a seamless communication platform.

But every new technology is associated with some kind of drawbacks and risk and so do the expansion of cloud computing in-hospital network. The technology that eases the task of medical professionals also makes the hospital network vulnerable to criminals. The sensitive nature of patient data and hospitals makes it the prime target of cybercriminals.

Although many attempts have been made to protect the patient information and to maintain the standard of the hospital still many hospitals experience extensive data breaching each year.

The breaching of data in the healthcare industry can prove to be costly and can be highly dangerous for the patients' health.

Here Are The Top Tips To Prevent Cyber Attacks & Security Breaches In HealthCare

Educate Employee About Data Breach: Although we are living in an era of technology, since not all among us are tech-savvy and have knowledge of security measures. This increases the risk of data breaching. To reduce such risk it is important to organize the education and training session for the employees in which the impact of data breaches and the ways to prevent data from the attackers should be highlighted. The cybersecurity professionals educate the employees on how to recognize suspicious emails, threats, and sites in order to prevent any kind of attack. The different and customized training sessions would help the employees in understanding the concept and in reducing the human error while working on the server.

Maintain and Protect Data On Smart Equipments: The days are gone when the patient records were maintained on paper. Maintaining proper paper records increases the responsibility of every employee.

To ease this task, the data is now recorded and maintained in devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, etc. But this also needs complete alert and attention of the employee. It is essential for the employee and the hospital staff to monitor each device and make sure that it is secured with anti-virus protection, firewalls or related defenses. Also, there are many devices in the hospital like IV pump, insulin monitor etc that transfers the patient information directly to the doctor's tablet. These kinds of interconnected devices are more potent to cyber attacks and need additional care and protection.

Follow HIPPA Compliance: The primary role of HIPPA Compliance is to enforce better security tools. Along with its implementation, it is also important to educate the staff about HIPPA regulations. Following the HIPPA compliance maintains the standard of the healthcare institution and improves data safety and security efficiently. Also, the HIPPA compliant cloud storage reduces the IT cost and hardware investment. Thus, it offers better flexibility to store the data.

Recruit Professional IT Staff: Every hospital needs more nurses and doctors, but to keep the data of hospital administration safe and secure it is important to invest properly in recruiting the IT staff. The highly professional and knowledgeable IT staff works proficiently to protect your data from the cyberattacks thus reducing the chance of data breaching.

Cloud Migration For Your Data: The introduction of a cloud hosting server proves to a highly beneficial solution for storage and backup of healthcare data. It has a significant impact on the improvement of healthcare. With the cloud-based hosting server, it becomes easier for the IT staff to recover patient records and to make them available even in case of breaching or downtime. Thus it offers a great level of security to the servers and protects patient data and records.

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However, healthcare facilities are poorly equipped to provide protection to the medical record but the greater reports on hacking for the last few years make it essential for the hospital management to remain proactive and change the security terms for better.

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