Who all know about cryptojacking? Or let me ask have you ever heard about cryptojacking? Maybe you wouldn't have heard of this term ever before. No worries, you aren't alone. Cryptojacking is totally a new term which most of the industry influencers are unaware of. Cryptojacking is simply like a nightmare which has harmed a lot.

As per recent estimations, the number of mobile cryptojacking malware variants grew from eight in 2017 to 25 by May 2018, a three-fold increase, and is expected to grow in this year as well. But there's no need to worry about. This article has you covered while discussing every single thing covered under the cryptojacking concept. Keep reading and get the tips to keep your business safe from cryptojacking attacks.

What is cryptojacking and how it happens?

We all are well aware of cryptocurrency. Right? Cryptocurrencies are the decentralized form of currency for making payments safer and secure. Industry influencers have started investing in Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies and are gaining huge benefits out of it. But as investing in cryptocurrency is an easy and quick process, it is becoming easy for cybercriminals to easily perform data attacks.

Cryptojacking is basically the unauthorized or malicious use of cryptocurrency mining script which is designed to create cryptocurrency, on websites. And these scripts thereby harness the visitor's computer resources. As a result, the user's PC heats up or crashes.

Protecting your business from cryptojacking

  1. Recognize the signs: The ordinary cybersecurity software will most likely be unable to recognize cryptojacking as it is as yet another and quickly evolving problem. So make sure that your organization can identify alternate symptoms that emerge from cryptojacking attempts. Moderate PC performance, overheating systems, CPU fan failures, could all be side effects of a cryptojacking activity.
  2. Monitor the network: You must have a proper network monitoring system in order to detect cryptojacking attacks. By inspecting web traffic, network heads can search for inconsistencies. Here and there, action from individual clients can give the insight to increased handling which may mean cryptojacking. A ton of system observing programming these days utilize man-made consciousness answers for examining arranged information.
  3. Keep your website secure: Hackers can attempt and control web servers to insert cryptojacking into your official sites. This could imply that clients who get to the site will get influenced, prompting a noteworthy loss of reputation of your organization. It is essential for a business to know about even the littlest changes on the web server or changes to the site itself.
  4. Daily malware scans: Carrying out regular malware scans and automatic malware removal can keep you on the safer side from the cyber attacks. You can even carry out vulnerability scans and automated security patching as well.
  5. Using a web application firewall: Implementing a WAF(web application firewall) will let you filter out malicious and suspicious traffic. As automatic vulnerability scanners used by the hackers can result in data compromising, using a WAF will help in avoiding that threat before it enters your network.

Over to you!

If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, fair enough. But keep in mind the adverse effects as well. You need to stay aware and updated about the cryptojacking attacks as well. So, you must implement a holistic approach in order to protect your website from all sort of data attacks. Moreover, you can rely on some trusted web hosting providers and keep your website safe with 24/7 monitoring from the experts. In case you have some queries, feel free to get in touch with us.