The website has become the basic need of every business or enterprise. There is no difference of opinion in the fact that a website has a remarkable contribution to the lead generation. Your hosting services play an important role in determining the performance of the website. So you mustn't be lured with the name free web hosting and choose the hosting plan smartly. It is a human nature that we get easily attracted to the things that have a 'free' tag but when it comes to hosting your website, you need to know some differences between free and the paid web hosting services. Read the complete blog to know how these two vary in multiple terms.

Also, know the things you should know before investing in web hosting.

Major Differences Between Free & Paid Web Hosting

  • Reliability: Reliability is one of the major factors that differentiate free web hosting from the paid ones. Usually, free hosting services do not ensure the same uptime as paid web hosting. Proper server infrastructure is required to uphold a good uptime and speed of the website, which lacks in the free web hosting. If you are opting for a free hosting service, your website might face frequent downtimes and might not be able to handle the traffic at peak hours. Whereas paid web hosting ensures 99% uptime and enhances the website's speed and performance.
  • Search Engine Rankings: Every business is running a virtual race to attain a higher search engine ranking but few are aware of every factor that affects their ranking. If you avail of free web hosting services, the provider may post unprofessional ads and irrelevant links on your website that affects the website ranking. Also, many times, free hosting platforms are used by spammers to create dummy websites. Search engines consider all these points while ranking your website. While the websites hosted by paid hosting providers do not encounter such issues.
  • Bandwidth and Storage Space: Free web hosting packages include limited hosting resources and support. This might cause you inconvenience when you need to expand your website resources or transfer or unload media files, photos, and videos. With limited bandwidth and storage space, your website may experience slow speed and downtime.
  • Support and Assistance: It is a well-observed fact that free hosting services do not provide strong technical and customer support. Many website owners do not have the technical knowledge to tackle server issues. Moreover, the lack of technical and customer support requires the owner to concentrate on the functionalities of the website other than his business growth. Paid web hosting services extend robust technical support to its clients 24/7.
  • Website Speed: Website speed is one of the major factors to retain a visitor on your website. Free web hosting services offer a limited amount of resources for your website to function. This hampers the speed of your website in case of heavy traffic. Whereas the websites hosted on a professional VPS, shared or dedicated server will offer a good page load speed to the visitors.
  • Website Security: In an era of increasing threats, it is important to keep your website data safe. Free hosting services do not imply security measures to keep your website safe from malware and threats. Whereas paid hosting service providers ensure data safety through various measures like network monitoring, firewalls, SSL, etc.
  • Not So Free: Though the free web hosting providers do not charge anything from you but they also need to earn. So they might place ads on your website to earn from them. You will not have any control over the links shared ads displayed on your website. The providers might place a competitor's ad on your website or any other irrelevant ad. That might affect your website's reputation.

Summing It Up:

So, we can say that as tempting as free hosting service may sound, there are many things to be considered while opting for your hosting services. It is important that you choose a reliable hosting provider to extend good support to your website. Your website represents your business, so make sure that it is safe, secure and efficient. jiWebHosting offers you coherent web hosting services and implements effective measures to safeguard your data. Contact us for more details.