Shared Webhosting, the most common type of hosting services that offer cost-effective options to the startup and beginners who want to bring their site online. If you are one among the crowd who want to get started online then it is important to get all the essential information about the server and hosting.

What to Know About Shared Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting: As the name suggests, it offers the common server for multiple sites. Thus, the resources offered will be used and shared by all. Since many websites are sharing the server, it offers the hosting plan at the most affordable price, thus is the most preferred choice of the beginners. Choosing shared web hosting gives access to the server by using an integrated control panel.

  • Working of Shared Hosting: Since with Shared Hosting, multiple sites share the single hardware and software resources of the server, it consists of pre-installed scripts and software that can be utilized for every site on the server.

  • Difference Between Shared Hosting, Dedicated and VPS Hosting: The Shared Web Hosting shares a server with hundreds of different websites, while the dedicated and VPS Hosting offers the personalized server for the particular website. But VPS Hosting does share some of the features with VPS Hosting as well like utilization of a single server that is partitioned into multiple virtual servers that act as a dedicated hosting environment.

  • Benefits of Using a Shared Hosting Environment: Shared Hosting is the best for the one who is beginning or introducing their first website online. This makes the setup process highly intuitive and allows the host to handle more complex tasks. Also, it offers many more benefits like:

    • Cost-effective

    • Easy to upgrade

    • Do not require technical skills

    • Built-in c-Panel integration

  • Negatives of Using Shared Hosting: Since the server is shared among multiple websites, it is not the best choice for all kinds of websites. Although many choose it because of its least price, and easy management still there are a few drawbacks linked with the same as:

    • Slow loading speed

    • Affect on the overall performance of the website due to other sites present on the server.

    • Lag in performance due to increasing traffic

    • Unable to customize the server environment

  • Kind of User Benefited the Most from Shared Hosting: The Hosting Server created specifically for beginners. So if you are building a website for the first time and want to host the site at an affordable price with the least technical tasks, then a shared web hosting plan is the one that you should opt for.


The above points might help you in clearing your doubts. So, if your website is new with the least traffic, then you can go for this hosting plan. Also, the Shared Hosting can be scalable, so you can easily switch to a dedicated or cloud hosting plan when your requirements increase.

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