You have to be very careful before choosing a web hosting platform! Different servers help sustain a web presence. It is important to take this one-time decision with caution. A rigid business nature can sustain a shared server, but, if a great business mind thinks of flexible business, it will need a dedicated server. Flexible business business operations grow with time and so their web-traffic too. But to manage large traffic, they need more web space to cater their growing needs. 

Have a look at the server definitions that will better help you to choose a web hosting panel for your website.          

What is a Multi-threaded Server?

A multi-threaded server is any server that has more than one thread. The multi-threaded server is also known as the shared server on which web files are hosted. The shared server gives you a single space on large file bunker to host your website with hundreds and thousands of others. The shared hosting platform gives you many advantages of free perks, easy to use and a maintained system.

Because there are a lot of web panels hosted on the same server, hosting providers tend to manage it very well. Even if you have a risk of getting hacked or going offline, in that case, sometimes, the hosting providers should have a well-managed system to keep all data safe, provide a free cPanel ad much more.

The hosting platform is an easy way to manage your web presence while you host it personally you will face many problems like expandability, securing from Malware and so on. This brings us to the dedicated servers used for web hosting.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server as mentioned above is used by flexible businesses with larger traffic and complexity in business operations. A dedicated server is more secure and if attached to a cloud-based storage system can grant you greater benefits. The system will never go offline the hosting services provided by dedicated hosting manage just one web presence over one server.

They tend to have greater bandwidth and disk space purely dedicated to your business. The server performance is excellent and great hosting providers like jiWebHosting will give you excellent 24*7 customer support and many more benefits.

Points of differentiation between a Dedicated and a Multi-threaded server:

  • Level of Control - Shared hosting simply means less control, whereas dedicated hosting providers offer a lot of custom options for your organization to have full control over the server.
  • Server Performance - You cannot be just fully and all-time high on performance with the shared server. If for instance, a neighboring website on the server receives a lot of traffic you will plunge in the traffic jam. This is not the case with the dedicated servers. As the whole server keeps a load of your website presence the responsiveness of the website is an all-time high.
  • Security - Securing a shared server is the work of a hosting provider. They will install a firewall and manage the operations in such a manner that your web presence is not hampered. The security of a dedicated server is completely the responsibility of your organization. 
  • Cost - Shared Hosting costs are bifurcated among the many people who stage their web presence on the server. Therefore, shared hosting is affordable and an absolute fit for small organizations. Dedicated hosting is exactly the opposite as you bear with all expenses of the server the cost depends on your traffic and installations equipped further.
  • Required Technical Skills - Skilled staff is not needed in the case of shared web hosting. The hosting providers will maintain, administer and secure the server to run smooth operations. This is not the case with the dedicated server you will need all skills in-house to manage your web hosting platform. You need to anticipate costs beforehand or otherwise, they will be highly costed in case of a fully managed dedicated server.
  • Sites Hosted on the Server - Yours is the only website hosted on the server in case of a Dedicated Hosting Plan. But, you reside with several other websites in case of a Shared Hosting plan.
  • Bandwidth and Disk Space - In the case of Shared Hosting, bandwidth and disk spaces are shared and thus cost you extra in a dedicated server the complete bandwidth and the disk space are dedicated to your organization and so you will not face a problem of sharing or minimized space.
  • Website and IP Blacklisted - If someone else on the server engages in a wrong practice all websites on the shared server will be blacklisted by Google. This is not the case with the dedicated server. You are responsible for your own wrong-doings. 


While you are a small organization, you can go for a shared server. And if you choose to go with the dedicated server you will have to anticipate the costs far before and plan accordingly. In the meanwhile, you can look at the above differentiations to help you choose the right hosting platform for your business. Choose jiWebHosting for its well managed hosting servers be it shared or dedicated or cloud hosting. We use the latest technology to better serve your organization.