May it be a small startup business or a large enterprise, you always have a lot to manage- a huge data, applications and what not. As the technology updates every moment so does the needs and requirements of the customer rise. Along the way, as the data expands, we need to find a place where we can store the data safely and rely on it.

So, what all options do you see at this point for storing your data? Either going for public cloud services or choose cloud file hosting over a private cloud. Now you would be thinking that what the private cloud is exactly. Isn’t it? So, let’s get a quick view about what is private cloud and why do you really need to choose private cloud for your organization!

What is the private cloud?

The term private cloud basically refers to the cloud architecture which is designed for a particular organization or a single business. Unlike the public cloud, which provides its own resources to the customers, the private cloud will permit the company to use their infrastructure. Now you would be wondering that why should you choose private cloud hosting. Right? So, let's get a broader view of its benefits for your organization!

Benefits of using private cloud!

  1. Complete Control: The private cloud is hosted over a third-party data centre or onsite itself. Thereby, giving you complete control over the data and you can make changes accordingly anytime with no hassle. Your IT team can manage and control the tasks by themselves and keep a check over errors, and other bottlenecks, instead of looking for assistance from the vendor.
  2. Customized platform: No doubt, every organization has different requirements and parameters required in their system. So, availing for a private cloud allows you to choose customized services as per your requirements including the storage and other necessary characteristics which fit your system perfectly.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: While we look up for public cloud hosts like of Amazon or Google, SMB's simply can't afford to buy their expensive services. While private clouds hardly cost you, in fact, private cloud almost costs you 10x less than the public cloud hosting. So, choosing the private cloud would let you enjoy the best services fitting in your defined budget easily.
  4. Security aspects: One of the best advantages of going for private cloud is its enhanced security solutions for the customers. Unlike the public cloud, the data in the private cloud is safely managed over servers which are not accessed or shared by any other organization. Thereby, improving the data security level and the IT team can manage the operations easily by themselves.
  5. Data Compliance: May it be a startup or a bigger organization, for any sized organization, it remains the foremost priority to safeguard their customer's sensitive data. And choosing a private cloud would be the perfect idea for this. Because in the case of a data attack, it becomes a tiresome task to fetch the security logs from your public cloud vendor. But having a private cloud would directly overcome this issue.

How to find the suitable cloud app hosting provider?

Private cloud is just not limited to these features, rather it has many more advantages too. Public clouds are not accessible from all places, while private cloud can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. So, without giving second thoughts, you can definitely go for a private cloud solution. But now the question is how to find one. Right? No worries, jiWebHosting is one such perfect vendor which offers you stable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud hosting services which are perfectly designed as per your organization's requirements. For more details and queries, get in touch with us at any time and get assistance from our team of experts!