When was the last time you heard about a hacking attempt on a website? Might be today itself. Isn't it? No doubt, technology has evolved in such a way that it has given an entry to businesses to bloom out uniquely, but don't forget it equally gave an entry to the hackers and cyber attacks too. Agree? More the data is made available over the web, more chances will the hackers get to steal your data. They are looking for an opportunity to peep into your network and fetch the most out of it.

Why is cybersecurity necessary for your startup website?

What if I say that you'll lose all your hard spent hours and money in a few seconds just because of letting a hacker enter your network and ruin your data? It's simply unimaginable. Isn't it? At this point, we need to realise that the whole industry is dependent on the cyber world, and maintaining cybersecurity is the major aspect to be focused upon.

So, whether you own an eCommerce website or any other website, being at the startup stage of your business, it is necessary for you to remain active and sound about the major cyber attacks and avoid them at the earliest. Here is a list of the smart tips which can help your website to keep safe from the major cyber attacks.

Smart tips to make your website safe from cyber attacks

  1. Secure your hardware: Keeping the hardware secure is the most overlooked factor. It's not necessary that the hacker comes in the form of software only, it might enter your network through hardware too. You need to make sure that all the hardware devices are secured with strong passwords which are updated on a regular basis. Moreover, make sure that the server rooms are locked properly. 
  2. Data encryption and data backup: Most important factor to keep your data safe and away from hackers is data encryption. Keeping your data encrypted at all times will let the hackers be unable to access the data. Moreover, you need to carry out regular data backups, most probably go for automated data backups in case of minor or major data losses in future.
  3. Anti-malware and firewall: Keeping every single device updated with the latest antivirus installed might seem a tiresome task to your IT team, but let me tell you this is the most crucial step to safeguard your data. Moreover, investing in a good firewall to enhance security at a better level and keep your data safe at all costs.
  4. Avoid phishing attacks: Getting random emails on your PC which ask for your credentials and other sensitive information might seem like a genuine email. But they might be a phishing attack. YOu need to make your staff members aware of these attacks and stay away from responding to these fake emails.
  5. Ransomware: Just after the WannaCry attack, everyone got aware of the ransomware attacks. Isn't it? It seems like a nightmare getting hit from a ransomware attack. To prevent these attacks, you must carry out periodical offline backups and stay aside from these hacking attempts.
  6. Monitoring BYOD: No doubt BYOD(Bring your own device) is one of the popular and cost friendly technique practised these days, but it might be risky for your data security. The data is with people who might not be using secured browsers. To prevent this, you need to immediately enable mobile device security and keep your data safe in return.

 How jiWebHosting can safeguard your website?

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