Are you experiencing a decrease in website traffic? Or perhaps you weren't able to login as an admin a few days back? Are your website pages taking enough time while loading? If you have ever encountered any of these issues, be aware! Your website might be at risk and it might be a victim of cyber-attacks. Do you know about cyber attacks? If not, let me tell you right here.

Cyber attacks are basically malicious attempts in order to exploit data or gain unauthorized access to the user's sensitive data. And when we talk about the startup websites, it becomes necessary to safeguard your data at all costs and stay away from cyber criminals.

Tips to avoid cyber attacks

Being at the startup stage of your business, it becomes necessary for you to remain active and sound about the major cyber attacks and avoid them at the earliest. So, here is a list of the smart tips which can help startup businesses to keep safe from the major cyber attacks.

  • Protect your password: Ask your team members to never share passwords with others and frequently change passwords of all the devices and accounts you are using in the office. This will help you in staying away from hackers and data attacks. Moreover, you must use at least 15 characters long password along with numbers and special characters.
  • Be sure to back up everything: You don't know when a technical fault, hack or any such issue occurs on your website, so you need to be prepared in advance instead of losing data. Carrying out regular automatic data backups is a must to stay on the safer side.
  • Educate all employees: You must conduct regular training sessions for your team to make them aware of the security factors. This will help them to know how crucial data security is. So, prepare training programs so that employees can stay out of the risk zone.
  • Install anti-virus software: Stop using free anti-virus software as they come with no guarantee to safeguard data. So, buy some good and reliable anti-virus which can detect malware quickly and fix them to keep your business safe.
  • Make sure you have a secure internet connection: Free and public WiFi connections are an easy gateway for hackers to get your sensitive data, account details or credentials saved in your smartphone. So, try using a secure network.
  • Lock your PC: Whenever you leave your seat or go out for a break, do lock your PC and then get up from your seat. Reason being, there are people who are looking for a chance to misuse or even fetch some important information from your PC. So, focus upon this point.

Get a secure web hosting provider!

These are the basic factors which can help you in staying away from cyber-attacks. Moreover, you can even go for a reliable web hosting provider which can monitor your website at all times and keep you away from data threats. Have more questions or want to know more about web hosting? Connect with our team now and get free advice from us.