An operating system is a system software program that distributes and manages the server's resources. It acts as a communication bridge between user's and computer's hardware hence, prioritizes user's request and programs. An operating system ensures that the user's content on the server does not interfere with other users. Operating System is one of the most important support systems for a server that ensures smooth processes. It is the foundational software on your server.

While availing of the web hosting services, one of the major concern is to choose the right operating system. If you too are facing the same trouble, then keep on reading to know all about the ideal operating system for your server.

Tips to Choose the Operating System for Website Hosting

  • Choose the right platform: Similar to the programs installed on our computer, the platform on which our site is developed also has compatibility with specific hosting features. For instance, if your website is built on PHP, you will require an operating system that is compatible with PHP. There are languages that are only compatible with specific OS so knowing your application, you can decide as to which OS to choose for its hosting. Operating systems Linux and Windows are compatible with multiple languages. So always keep in mind to opt for an operating system that is compatible with your website while selecting your hosting service.

  • Choose the appropriate OS: Always know the prerequisites of your website in order to select the appropriate OS for hosting. Your choice of OS depends on the type of application that you are using. Whether your website is for small localized business or it would be streamed worldwide. All the factors are to be kept in mind before buying hosting services.

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Major Operating Systems Available for Servers

  • Microsoft Windows: Microsoft has one of the best server operating systems for business websites. Microsoft Windows server is developed from Windows 10 OS and exhibits all the features required to build a server. It is easily available on the official Microsoft store and is easy to install. Also, Microsoft Windows Server is a cloud-ready operating system and offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Ubuntu: Ubuntu OS is a user-friendly, secure, fast and cost-effective server. Ubuntu server supports most of the hardware and software available. Using an Ubuntu OS with an Ubuntu dedicated server enables more customization than a commercial-based operating system.
  • CentOS: CentOS is another well-known server. It is based on Red Hat and is easy to install. 
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is of the leading software company across the world that is based in America. This server is the most widely used Linux distribution operating system that offers open-source software solutions to various industries worldwide.
  • macOS: It is the proprietary operating system by Apple that supports iOS development.

Summing Up

There are a number of options to choose from while deciding an operating system for your server. But, your needs specify your choice of OS. If you are looking for a website hosting provider that offers a wide range of operating systems for you to choose from then we have the perfect solution for you at jiWebHosting. Our team of professionals would help you make the right choice. Contact us to get assistance from our team.