Running your brick-and-mortar business as well? And what about your online presence, is it a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year service? If not then sign-up for a web hosting plan that guarantees you with 100% uptime on your site. 

Your customers are the reason behind your well-rooted business. And you never know, when they decide to take a tour to your website, in the midnight of a blue moon or early in the morning. Thus, your website must be 24/7 running and that too with smooth and sleek speed. 

Now as we are talking about website uptime, so what's that? Let's brief it quickly! In simple terms, it is a measure of the percentage of time-taken when your website is online and accessible to your surfers or users. 

However, downtime is contradicting it, when your website is down, then it implies that you are losing your customers which ultimately results in losing your business. And of course, no one want's to happen that. That's the reason why businesses need to integrate their website services with a web hosting plan that serves with 100% uptime and zero percent of downtime unless the internet connection is poor. 

In this blog, you will get to know more about 100% website uptime and monitoring, so let's continue...

But before that let's analyze why business owners must build a website with such 100% uptime? The only answer to this question is your customer or visitor's satisfaction. Just like an off-shore retailer won't let his/her customers walk out with disappointment, similarly, your online customers must not be disappointed by your site's slow-loading pages and poor technical assistance. 

What Is Uptime Monitoring?

As discussed above that without a website having access to run smoothly and serve its customers at any time of the day, the business is waste at all. Thus, uptime hosting is indeed a requirement. 

Uptime monitoring ensures that you will never be going to face downtime to your website. Along by making you sure, it also gives you red signals whenever your website is about to go down. 

Eventually, it helps in reducing harmful and costly site downtime by rendering up-to-date alerts, in the event of any failure. On comparing the earlier times, what has evolved is that current modern website uptime monitoring tools 

What has changed since then is that modern website uptime monitoring tools enable every user, business owner, and online businessperson to accomplish marvelous business visibility and earn the much-needed margin above the ever-growing competition.

Now let's uncover the top advantages of 100% website uptime for your business!  

Significance of Great Uptime To Your Website

24/7 Assistance - You can't 24/7 market your business and products, but your website can. Yes, the 100% uptime of your website assures you to never face downtime and market your business 24/7. Such uptime services by assisting your customers at whatever time eventually take your business to the next level giving your customers and visitors the best-ever experience. 

Faster Loader Time - What is more annoying than surfing a website that takes makes you wait for ages to load the pages? But if you have signed up with a web hosting plan serving 100% uptime, your customers will surely enjoy surfing your site and purchasing your products and services. 

Zero Chances for Downtime - Downtime may occur any time and as mentioned above, it's the most annoying thing for the customers or site visitors. It also may occur when your site meets any system breakdown or a malfunctioned server. But with the help of 100 percent uptime, you will have zero chances for any potential downtime. It's a simple maths, that if you sign up with hosting services giving you 90% uptime, then you would like to face 10% of downtime in the future, but with 100%, no downtime is possible. 

Enough Reliability & Good Customer-experience - Yes, it goes without saying that the more uptime, the more your website and server are reliable and customers carry a hunger of a reliable website so that they can blindly trust on the products they are getting. Also, it brings the best customer-experience ever for the visitors and customers with no downtime and all-time tech assistance. 


In the end, generally speaking, on witnessing today's growing craze of online business, the need for web hosting services giving 100% uptime security is necessary. However, if your website is undergoing a great deal of downtime, then the chances of losing your business become high. And always keep a note that your website's uptime has a notable result on your business bottom line. Thus, the 100% uptime and uptime monitoring are indeed important. 

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