Selecting a domain is the most initial step if you want to start a website. It can also be considered as the most important step as it will decide your brand’s image. A number of sites come online each year, so your domain needs to be unique if you want to increase the popularity of your website.

What you will name your site has become important today, especially when there are millions of website are already present with a distinct domain name. According to statistics of dazeinfo, the number of domain registrations worldwide has reached 329.3 million figure by the end of Q4 2016.

So what you need to do? Following are some of the things which you need to know before purchasing a domain name:


The age of the domain plays an important role as it is a major SEO factor. More the age of the domain is, more will be the value of it. Along with that, you need to check the history of the domain also in order to check out whether it is misused in the past or not. If it gets misused before, then it may contain penalty and does not provide you the required results.


In case, you choose the same name or the one similar to another well-known trademark, then it may lead to some legal action against you. And if it is a big brand, then the penalty can be big. So it is always advised to check for existing trademarks before selecting any domain name.

USE OF .com, .org or .net:

When it comes to selecting a domain name, most of the bloggers pick .com extension. But the real fact is that the type of extension you use does not matter in case of blogging. A number of successful bloggers use .net or .org too. Things like quality content, right promotion, better reachability are more necessary factors.


Another important point to keep in mind before buying a domain name is that you must also check the status of your domain in google as most of the domains have been used before.


If you are about to select a Domain name, avoid picking any name randomly. You should always check the authority of the domain first. Search Engines usually give preference to blogs with good domain and this results in driving a good amount of traffic. Other important factors which you need to concern before purchasing a domain name are domain registration date, its expiration date, swapping date, etc.


Last but not the least, one should never use the name of the company or organization, no matter how popular it is. So try to avoid labeling it with your own name. For business purposes, there is really no benefit, if you own the domain of your name for personal purposes.

Summing up, finding an appropriate name for your domain can be little tricky but by considering the above guidelines, you may get on the right path. Think of connecting to the services of a web hosting software to avail better outcomes.