jiWebPanel is one of the market pioneers with regards to controlling the hosting platforms. It is being used by numerous web hosting companies because of ease of managing, flexibility, customization and a backing of incredible quality and support. The majority of the population having a place with the web hosting industry know about the advantages of utilizing jiWebPanel. However, in the event that you are a beginner at utilizing jiWebPanel, we recommend you to complete a couple of things during the initial phase before you start your jiWebPanel hosting platform.

Listed below are 5 essentials of jiWebPanel that the beginners should be aware of:

Creating a Strong Password: Each client gets a username and password to access the jiWebPanel interface. The same login credentials are relevant to the default MySQL database user, email addresses, FTP account and also for system user login used to access the server remotely through SSH. Changing the jiWebPanel password is the most significant step. In the event that somebody recovers your password or get it, that individual may get unwarranted privileges to the server and this might be dangerous. 

A good password must be applied to the jiWebPanel account keeping in mind the end goal to prevent any undesirable conditions. Here are a few hints for best password management:

  1. Preferably, use a complicated password containing letters, numbers, and symbols

  2. Avoid familiar passwords like vehicle registration, birth date or phone number

  3. Try not to use the "remember" function in the browser

  4. Change your password regularly

  5. Avoid using the dictionary words

  6. Use more than 6 characters

Add More Security: Despite the fact that security and protection are totally taken care of by the server administrator, the jiWebPanel users can take complete advantage of the jiWebPanel flexibilities. You can without much of a stretch upgrade the protection of your website, domain, and jiWebPanel account. Ensure that the spam assassin is enabled. Some web hosting providers do not enable this feature by default as the newly created accounts won't get a lot of spam messages. 

Dispose of all the unrouted messages under the default address with error to the sender at SMTP time. Abstain from utilizing the 'blackhole' or 'forward to email address' options until the point when you truly require them. The main purpose of this is the hackers may exploit these two features for creating a DOS attack for the SMTP service.

Check for the Permissions: It is vital to have a check on the file and directory permissions. The jiWebPanel users get a home directory by default under /home/{username}. All the files and directories present under the user's home directory should be worked on the respective permissions and ownership. The most critical directory that should be kept running under the correct permission and ownership is the public_html.

You can utilize the jiWebPanel file manager, FTP client or SSH access so as to manage or settle the permission and the ownership issues as well. Bear in mind to erase the "phpinfo" page once you have recovered the required data.

Understanding the Server: Have a complete understanding of the server environment before you begin using it. It is good to know about the essential things about jiWebPanel. Some critical angles that you should know are server operating system and design, kernel version, version of the applications (cPanel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Pearl), limitation of the IP address and the hosting package. You can get this data in the sidebar present on the main page of the jiWebPanel interface. 

A good hosting server must be worked on the updated version of the kernel and applications below 64-bit architecture.

The information mentioned in this article would be useful for the jiWebPanel beginners and also for the people who have been using jiWebPanel for a while. By following the best configuration strategies mentioned above, you will be able to take the complete control of your website.