While you are planning for a website to be launched, you have endless problems which will be encountered on the way. Most of you might not be aware of it if you are in the startup stage and are launching your very first website. This is the point where seems an urgent need of a web hosting provider which can look upon your website thoroughly and manage it efficiently.

Remember choosing a good hosting provider will let you earn a good amount. While going for a wrong one will affect you adversely. So, its high time that we get aware of all the features a perfect hosting provider holds so that we can choose the correct one. Here’s a list of common mistakes which you might commit while choosing your vendor and avoid them in future!

  1. Choosing the wrong hosting plan: Your foremost step will be to clear your requirements, will your website be entertaining a huge traffic or is just an ordinary website with less load. If you have a website with heavy traffic, you should go for VPS hosting instead of shared to avoid the chaos. Choose accordingly otherwise it will be a wastage of time and resources.

  2. Not checking reviews of the hosting provider: Simply believing the things your vendor tells you won’t work out here. You need to make a proper research on the company background, customer reviews, and feedback, complaints encountered till date. Getting an insight of these reviews will give you a clear idea about your decision for this vendor.

  3. Choosing price over quality: Always looking for cheaper services is not at all going to benefit you. Look up for a vendor who’s services are not too cheap and not too expensive. Because there are quite a few vendors out in the market, like jiWebHosting, which offers you genuine services at affordable costs and in a budget that best suits you.

  4. Ignoring downtime: Even a 10 minutes downtime on your website is enough to reflect a bad name of your company in front of your customers and lose them forever. So, its necessary that you consider the downtime/uptime rate of the company you are choosing. Afterall, you just can’t risk your brand name due to a bad downtime.

  5. Security features: If yours is an e-commerce website, you just can’t do without a provider which has full security features in it. To safeguard your customer's personal data and credentials, it becomes essential that your vendor includes SSL and encryption techniques to keep the user data safe and away from hackers and other attacks.

  6. 24/7 support services: A 24/7 and instant support services is a must because nobody knows when will a website crash, or the server starts displaying errors. It could be anything. So, confirm your vendor if they are offering 24/7 support services or not. If not, then you simply can’t go for it, rather look up for another vendor.

How can jiWebHosting assist you?

Ask your vendor, if he can fulfil all the above features, then go for it! Otherwise, take your time and look up for another vendor. jiWebHosting is one such web hosting provider which offers reliable, genuine and superior level web hosting services which perfectly suits your website. Still confused? Get in touch with us at anytime and get assistance from our team of experts.