What's the first thing that strikes your mind when you are making an online payment on a website you visited for the first time? Maybe the account details get hacked, or the website might be a fake one. Isn't it? And this is an obvious thought as there are endless hacking attempts that are encountered every moment.

So, at this point, if you are a website owner and don't have special security aspects into your website, then it's high time that you read this blog and get a clear view about how necessary is adding security factor to your website and stay on the safer side.

Security Factor for your website

If yours is an e-commerce website then you would have definitely heard the term "SSL" at least once. Correct? SSL has been the driving factor while safeguarding the customer data and other personal information. The technology behind SSL gathers the user data and securely places it in an encrypted form, a format which is unreadable to human.

How can SSL help your e-commerce website?

Majority of the well-known e-commerce websites have already implemented SSL technology into their framework and the user data is held safely over its reliable platform. Now you would be wondering that how do we know if a particular website is using SSL or not. Right? It's simple. In the URL area, if the URL begins with a green lock followed by the website name, then yes, it is SSL protected. Otherwise, don't take a risk using that website.

SSL is preferred by a majority of the vendors simply due to 2 basic reasons. First, for information security of the users, and second, to maintain a trust amongst their customers. This would directly result in huge engagement of customers approaching your website and thereby popularizing your brand name.

  1. Information Security: The main reason to use SSL is to maintain data confidentiality of all the users visiting your e-commerce website. Then may it be the user's account number, personal information, or other identity proofs, SSL keeps all the data safe and away from the hackers reach. The data is placed on the server which isn't displayed to anyone due to the encryption technique used in the framework. After all, it's your responsibility to safeguard your user's data at any cost.
  2. Maintaining trust: Once your users feel that their data and other details are held safely over your website, they will automatically develop trust with your website. Once the users get an assurance that their data is safe from the hackers and other malicious attacks, they'll try to keep a long relationship with your services. And in case you fail to do that, your business could fall very badly on a lifelong basis.


Does your web hosting provider offer SSL?

Owning an e-commerce website and not having SSL encryption into the website could be your biggest mistake. Make sure that your web hosting provider is offering SSL services to you and if yes, then check if he's charging you an extra fee for it. Vendors like jiWebHosting have been successfully delivering the best web hosting services with SSL techniques with no extra costs. You can enjoy the best hosting plans at the most reasonable costs. Still confused? Get in touch with our team and get assistance from them at any time of the day!