Security breaches are expanding step by step and you cannot simply disregard the security of your data anymore. Tragically, cyber-crimes happen each day and websites of all sizes and scopes are focused for individual advantages. If you have a website on a dedicated server, it is true that you are in better condition as far as security is concerned than many other types of hosting. 

And still, at the end of the day, there are some steps that you should consider for adding some extra security to your dedicated hosting server wherever it is conceivable.

Security Tips for Dedicated Hosting

Use a Trusted Network: Make efforts to check the security updates all the time and execute the patches wherever possible. It is better not to rely on any software to let you know the availability of the update. Be proactive and ensure that all the updates are installed when they become available as this will very lessen the chance unauthorized access and attacks. Other than the updates, always ensure that you are utilizing a trusted network. By this, we imply that avoid logging into your web hosting account from any public wireless network. This will help you to lessen any unwanted attack on your dedicated servers.

Protection from DoS Attack: A Denial of Service attack often causes the server to fail and make it unavailable by making the system loaded with traffic. The attack happens where there are multiple malicious computers working together to waste your server resources with traffic and cause issues for genuine clients willing to access the site. DoS protection plan will give an additional layer of security that will actually channel the traffic to ensure that all your visitors are genuine. There are diverse protection options available against different sizes that range from 10gbps to 100gbps.

Scanning and Testing: Since it is very easy to install any application on the dedicated servers, it also increases the danger of malware. Malware can copy any sensitive data from your server and can be easily bundled with legitimate applications and contents. Thus, while picking your dedicated server hosting provider, search for somebody who offers ongoing vulnerability scanning and checks your website for any type of unexpected behavior. It is also important to test the software on a secure platform and isolated device before it is uploaded on your server.

Backup on a Regular Basis: There might be chances of attacks even after taking all security precautions. With this in mind, it is critical to take a backup of your imperative data at least once every week, so that if there arises a security attack on your dedicated server, you can without much of a stretch restore your website to its previous that you have saved. Off-site backups are also crucial as usual backups. For this, you have to consider a place that is physically secure, ought to be at a distance far from the first website and should be verifiable and accessible.

Strong Password Policy: At whatever point you buy a dedicated server, it is vital to change the passwords in light of the fact that the vast majority of the hosts set a password by default that builds the risk of cyber attacks. Online organizations should always follow the below-specified procedures to boost their password security.

  1. Do not use any words or numbers related to your personal identity.

  2. Often use a combination of lower and upper case letters, symbols and characters.

  3. Keep changing the password after some time.

Summing Up

By taking some important steps, you can easily boost the security of your dedicated server. In case you are not following the rules or suitable steps, then it is high time to actualize them as a standard piece of your regular server maintenance task. Still, have some queries? Get in touch with us.