Are you looking forward to bring your business online and want to build your website with affordable servers having more power, stability, and flexibility than shared web hosting? Here we are with a better solution, VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting that help you in meeting your business needs. VPS hosting contains the best elements of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Like shared web hosting, you can put your website on the server that has other sites running on it, but unlike it, there is less number of sites per server. Thus the site shares the cost of running hence charge less as compared to the high price tag of dedicated hosting. jiWebHosting has served many customers worldwide and is one of the reliable hosting partners because of its price plans and flexible business solutions. 

We have recently introduced a new range of pricing solutions and packages to meet our clients' business needs. We feel pride in delivering the best and high-end hosting server and solutions to our clients all over the world. We understand your business need and do consider their budget to offer them our cost-effective, flexible and best services that are able to meet your business needs.

How Much Does Our VPS Hosting Cost?

Since VPS web hosting services have hybrid nature and thus it shares the total cost. Unlike other web hosting service provider we have a starting plan of just $12 per month that extend to $150 depending on configurations and other features. In general, the VPS web hosting sites live in a partitioned server area having its own operating system, storage, RAM, and monthly data limits thus offering smoother and stable site performances.

We offer great flexibility in packages and offer our clients a way to scale up or down their needs. We offer an easy way to change our plan and our updated list offer certain benefits like:

  • More storage ranging from 1GB to 32GB
  • High and unlimited bandwidth
  • Disk space from 25GB to 300GB
  • Latest technologies

Since we offer a wide range of plans and different features under different price range, we provide the best and customized solutions that meet your business needs. Also, we have large plan VPS packages of $150 per month having more memory, disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. Thus we offer a variety of options that help you in choosing the option that best meets your business needs. We not only offer comprehensive services but also offer competitive priced VPS solutions. 

Benefits You Can Avail With Our Web Hosting Services

Can scale service up and down with our managed accounts: We offer flexible web hosting solution that helps businesses to meet their business needs. Our VPS services are ideal for businesses of all size. Also, our team is highly dedicated that monitors 24/7 support to resolve any kind of issue. Thus we offer a great deal of money especially when it comes to IT cost. Your IT staff can thus focus on desk request and in developing new systems while our professional team focuses on the smooth functioning of your website.

Secure Data

Web hosting services are especially for securing your server. The website does contain much information and our team performs a duty to keep it away from the eye of hackers. We provide VPS server that is protected by a number of security measures. Also, our VPS service ensures that the team of engineers tackle every problem including threats that arise during data transfer. Thus we offer peace of mind and provide complete support to keep your website safe.

Do You Need VPS Hosting?

So if you are looking forward to availing the reasonably priced server space then rely on our VPS hosting service. Do check our website and go through our previous reviews to know us better. jiWebHosting is an excellent web hosting service provider that is simple to use and offer an array of useful plans for customer and businesses of all size. Pick the best plan and enhance your user experience.