The prospect of free site hosting is without a doubt tempting. You will discover bunches of organizations offering free site hosting. And, you will also ask why every other person isn't utilizing a free site hosting plan. To enable you to pick the correct web hosting plan for your personal or official website, we have made a list of a couple of most regular confusions about free site hosting and why it is not a smart thought.

It is very simple for first-time purchasers to get deceived with free offers. To ensure this does not happen, we briefly discuss the most common myths about free website hosting.

Free Web Hosting is 100% Free: Nothing of real commercial value is free in this world. The organizations that work on a freemium plan generally give constrained free versions of hosting services. This implies you will soon be compelled to move up to a paid service. Also, numerous free site hosting offers end up being limited period trials. This implies you will soon be requested to pay when the trial period ends.

Furthermore, in the event that you have added your credit card to sign up, you will no doubt be charged.

Free Web Hosting is Safe: Most of the free web hosting providers don't support SSL unless you move up to a paid plan. This makes it simple for hackers to take your private data like names, phone numbers, and passwords in light of the fact that the data is not encrypted. They additionally have a poor reputation for dispersing malware because of insufficient safety efforts, financial limitations, or a mix of both. Despite the reason, it will unfavorably influence your website, brands, and online visibility.

Free Web Hosts Allow the Same Monetization Opportunities: Most free web hosting providers run their advertisements, and add affiliate links or AdSense to your website, because of which you won't have the capacity to make the most out of your website. You won't have the capacity to sell your website or exchange it to another person as it is their property. A large number of them also restrict your capacity to monetize your blog by posting ads on your site.

Free Web Hosts Provide eCommerce Features: In the event that you are wanting to run an online store on a free web hosting platform, reconsider in light of the fact that most free web hosting providers do not give database access, making it difficult to run an eCommerce store. Additionally, the free web hosts do not support SSL3 features that are important to run an eCommerce website.

Good Web Hosts are Expensive: A decent host does not really need to be costly. If your goal is to sustain your business and make profits, paid web hosting services offer great value for money. The most noteworthy advantage of selecting a paid hosting provider is that it gives you a chance to focus on your business without worrying about your site.

Free Web Hosting is Great for Startups: Free web hosting can prove to be very expensive for anyone, even start-ups. It can negatively impact your website in many ways, such as:

1. Slow load times

2. Poor page appearance

3. Risk of your website shutting down

4. Unprofessional web address

5. Information selling

6. Outdated site building tools

With such a large number of organizations offering free web hosting services, it is easy to be taken for a ride. Therefore, it pays to read the fine print and ask a few questions about what you have just read above. If you do, you will no doubt find an excellent web host that meets your needs and fits your budget.