To have an online presence of your business is as crucial as setting business goals in this digital world. The primary means for the customers to know about your products and services is the internet. Most people prefer to visit your website before availing of your services. Your website plays an essential role in establishing a strong online presence for your business. Once your website is ready, it should be up there on the web for people to see it. For that, you require web hosting services from a trustworthy provider to access the space for your site. It is where you upload data and files to make your website accessible to the viewers. Since your web hosting server contains all your important data and information, it must be kept safe and secure from cyber threats and attacks. 

To protect your website from being compromised, make sure that your hosting provider implies efficient security measures. Website security should be one of your crucial concerns while selecting the web hosting provider. Lack of security can prove to be lethal to your business. It can harm you both financially and socially. Certain factors cannot be avoided at the time of choosing your web host provider, and we will be discussing them in detail.

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Factors That Affirm The Security of Web Hosting Server

  • Determine If SFTP Is Available: Before availing of web hosting services, make sure that the provider implies FTP or File Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used for uploading files to your web hosting server. Though the protocol is taken care of by the host, it can be at risk of cyber-attacks. Therefore, determine if SFTP or Safe File Transfer Protocol is being provided by the hosting provider. SFTP extends better security by adding another layer of data protection.
  • Use of Firewall: The use of a firewall is very essential to ensure the safety of your website. It prevents unauthorized access to your web servers. A firewall acts as the first line of defense for the attackers trying to invade your website data. You need to enquire whether the website would be protected by a reliable firewall or not before availing of the hosting services. The firewall used should be designed for protecting cPanel servers.
  • Anti-Virus Software: To protect your server from a virus attack, you must ensure that the server is protected by antivirus software. Since everything that streams on the internet is prone to virus attack, therefore do not neglect the importance of anti-virus at the time of hosting your website. Always pay attention to the anti-virus used by your host. It should be efficient, authentic, and robust. Also, it should scan the server for any potential threats.
  • SSL Availability & Support: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that monitors and operates the encrypted connection between the server and the web browser. Make sure that your web hosting provider is hosting your website by the SSL protocol. SSL certification is a necessity of every website nowadays to provide strong visual assurance of safety to the visitors.
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the type of attack that tries to compromise the web server by sending multiple requests. When they face excessive load, it fails to manage the surroundings, and the attacker succeeds in his doing. See to it that your web hosting provider has effective means to mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks. 

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Get The Secure Web Hosting Services

If your business is greatly dependent on your website, then you must consider all the above factors before choosing the web hosting service provider. Keeping your website data safe should be your prior concern. If you are thinking to launch your business online and looking for a reliable hosting provider company, then jiWebHosting is the most trustworthy firm that implies efficient measures to keep your server safe and secure. You can visit our website to get more details or contact us for further queries.