Hey! Have you heard about the 'Summer 2020 New Collection'? Probably yes, even every day, when you open your favorite e-commerce site, you will find new offers, sales, discounts, and many more. From fashion to food, from medicines to makeup, etc. you can buy everything on your fingertips. 

Just like people running on the roads of a busy town, the e-commerce sites are racing too. Moreover, the era has gone digitalized and where a hub of e-commerce sites is present, there many offline businesses also trying to sell their products online. The boom of the internet has made e-retailers plus offline marketers certainly very promising today. Also, the e-commerce platforms are irrespective of the physical boundaries to reach their target or potential customers. 

Concerning the people's comfort and craze of online shopping, the e-commerce business is upgrading day by day, either by creating appealing sites, offering discounts & offers or then it is the managing of the sites. Maintaining your e-commerce portals today is not so rugged as you might be thinking. With the advent of Managed Web Hosting services, you can easily manage your e-commerce sites and grow your business. 

What makes your e-commerce website knockout is a series of good factors. And one of the major factors is how your website is managed and hosted. A good hosting defines many aspects like how much the website is scalable to increase traffic, honest platform for customers, safe and secure of customer data plus backup, etc. Hence, to come over all these good factors and include them in your e-store site, you need to mingle with a better and managed web hosting provider. 

In this blog, you will be introduced to the complete concept of managed web hosting services for e-commerce business growth. Let's ON the show...

What Are Managed Hosting Services?

The companies providing web hosting services also combine their hosting package with Managed Hosting Services for the e-commerce sites running on the dedicated servers, VPS networks, or cloud. The managed hosting providers support for the operating system and undertakes system monitoring, maintenance, updates and patching, and offering 24/7 customer and technical support.

Let's know more about managed hosting services through the following key points, the services include:

  • Installation of the control panel
  • Monitoring of the server, databases, and network
  • Security scanning through different tools to detect viruses and malware. 
  • Installation of supported applications and their updates
  • Patching by installing operating system and application patches, updates as well as bug fixes.
  • Troubleshooting if any problem occurs in terms of technical support. 
  • Maintenance and upgrading of hardware
  • Flexibility to backup and securely storing data with fast recovery. 

Also, there are two types of managed hosting services, one if fully-managed and the other one is partially-managed. When you opt for fully-managed hosting services, you will be hosted with the entire administration of the server, plus the performance and maintenance by the technicalities.

On the other hand, if you opt for the partially-managed hosting services, then the user is deemed to be the role in the management duties of the server by themselves. The options are available and depending on your confidence and expertise, you have to decide between the two. 

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How Managed Hosting Services Benefit E-commerce Business?

Surely, now you have got a pretty basic understanding of what the managed hosting service is, so let's move further and know the notable benefits of the same. 

1. Protective Management - With the software adaptability checks, security scans, and monitoring of performance, the managed hosting service supports the site by defending from the occurring issues. It catches and deals with the little issue occurring that may create a big problem for the site. 

2. Website Loading Speed - Slow loading sites can make your customer's mood off or refuse to be on your site. Also, it greatly impacts the search engine rankings too. To make your site Google-friendly, your site must be running at high velocity. According to Neil Patel's research reports, 47% of customers anticipate a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Moreover, a slow-loading site can lose you about 5% to 8% of turnover. Hence, the managed hosting services will help you to load your site with normal speed. 

3. Security Aspects - Security threats and risks can happen anytime, so why not to be secure your websites with managed hosting services. Some obvious perils exist like hacking information, DDoS, ransomware, crime or theft of data, viruses, and many more that never ends rather raises. The managed hosting service watches out of the safety systems for your sites, such as checking the intrusion, obstructing the viruses along with defending all your site's data to allow you a secure service for your site's network that cope up with your products or services.

4. Availability - Today, the moment your business goes offline, you lose your business. But when you integrate your websites with managed hosting services with high-availability guaranteed by SLA, you will be assured to stay your business online up to 99.9% of the time. 

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In a Nutshell...

The bottom line says that the managed hosting service is the smart move for e-commerce sites to maintain their portal and aid conveniently to their customers. It is today a true need of the hour that allows you to root the extra technical looks of controlling your online or e-store while boosting your e-commerce site’s performance and security. 

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