VPS hosting is an extremely popular choice for some website owners since it offers the upsides of a dedicated server at an affordable cost. While picking VPS hosting you can pick between a managed or unmanaged VPS server. Managed VPS hosting is the perfect solution for both non-technical and technical persons since the hosting supplier deals with any technical tasks related to the server.

Managed VPS Hosting

At the end of the day, the web hosting provider is in charge of dealing with the server including system upgrades and configuration and your activity is to do what you are supposed to do i.e. run your website or online business. When buying a managed a VPS package the web hosting provider will deal with the server and be keeping in mind that you will have administrative access to a control panel to do whatever you need with your server, they will still make sure that it is available, has up-to-date system software, it is secured and has the available hardware resources to keep running as per the VPS package specifications.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is not quite the same as managed VPS hosting in various ways. Above all else, the hosting provider is in charge of giving you the VPS server however everything else is dependent upon you to handle. It resembles acquiring a new physical server and you bring it home, pull in the plug and switch the server on. This is the responsibility of the unmanaged hosting provider to ensure that the server is available and accessible online.

Everything else is your duty including the configuration of the server and its services. You can envision this is not the job for the average user and regardless of whether you have the technical knowledge to do it, it is better to leave the technical stuff to the datacentre individuals and focus on the proficient methods to develop your business.


Comparing the two is easy since managed VPS hosting has a lot more advantages than unmanaged hosting.

Cost: Previously, there was an impressive distinction amongst managed and unmanaged VPS packages, however, this isn't the situation today. Managed VPS hosting is very low on the off chance that you consider the hours you spare from managing your server.

Time: When you order a managed VPS server, it just takes a few hours to have your server up and running in a properly configured way yet this isn't the situation with the unmanaged server. It might take hours to physically install and configure the required services.

Technical Knowledge: No technical knowledge is required for running a managed server. When you have to do something technical you should simply contact support and let the technical support operators handle the rest. With an unmanaged server, you need server administration abilities and love working in the command line else it will be extremely hard to manage your server effectively.

Security: Website security begins with the server security and on the off chance that you do not follow best practices then most presumably your website will be exposed to security dangers. A server that is managed by the hosting provider will have a superior level of security since security is an important chapter for modern datacenters.

Which is Better for You?

We wish to offer our clients the most ideal experience and increase the value of their online organizations by utilizing our advanced and up-to-date infrastructure and in addition the times of involvement in the market. Consequently, we offer fully managed VPS services on all control panel VPS and dedicated servers. This implies that we deal with your server including ensured accessibility, security hardening, operating system configuration, and redesigns.

Your job is to take care of your business and if you ever need support our experienced personnel is more than glad to help you 24X7, 365 days a year.