On the off chance that you are getting thousands of visitors every day and your online sales are steadily increasing, at that point you know your website has become successful. Thus, you are motivated to add more features to your website and run more campaigns to bring much more guests. However, here is the problem, your shared hosting package probably won't have adequate resources to handle more traffic. In the event that you require more resources and authority over your hosting solution, you require an upgrade.

Back in the day, the next best option after shared hosting would have been to opt for a dedicated server. However, this hosting solution may be a major jump forward for may websites. It is like there are only a few people who need to travel to a destination, however, wind up hiring an entire bus. You would be paying far more for the resources you would require. Fortunately, we now have VPS hosting which is like a hybrid of Shared and Dedicated hosting. Let's first learn more about VPS before we understand why VPS hosting is ideal for growing businesses.

Managed VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the numerous virtual servers that are created on a single physical server. It is like shared hosting because you only occupy a part of the physical server for yourself. However, you receive far more resources on VPS than you would on shared hosting. Each virtual private server can run its very own operating system, unlike in Shared Hosting, giving you more freedom to install any applications that you might require for your website. 

Despite the fact that VPS lives in a shared environment, the performance is not influenced by the activities of other users. We would not be wrong in saying that VPS hosting is like a mini dedicated server.

Why VPS is Ideal for Growing Businesses

  1. Cost  Effective: As your website grows, you have to ensure that your spends are highly cost-effective. Investing in shared hosting when your website has already grown it will cause performance issues on your website. Thus, overspending on a Dedicated server when your website has not grown to that extent will end up consuming your valuable money. Therefore, VPS hosting would be perfect as it is a halfway solution, both in terms of resources and expense.
  2. Complete Control: Since a VPS is independent of alternate VPS hosting accounts sharing the same physical server, you gain complete control of it. You get the entire operating system for yourself that includes complete access to documents and resoucrces. It is an excellent platform for developers to explore their full coding potential and also to test their applications. With shared hosting, you are restricted to the configuration that has been set by the hosting provider.
  3. High Availability: VPS is virtual and does not have any physical components of its own. As a safety measure, most hosting companies will back up your VPS as a server image. In case if the server on which the VPS is hosted goes down, the image can be immediately rebooted on another physical server. This will ensure that all your essential applications and your website will always remain online.
  4. Dedicated Resources: In the event that you are a website owner particularly of an eCommerce website, you understand the significance of security. When compared with Shared Hosting, VPS hosting is more secure. You can rest be guaranteed that your website and data are entirely safe when hosted on VPS hosting. That is on the grounds that your data is stored separately from those of other VPS users. Regardless of whether another VPS account gets infected by malware, it is next to impossible for it to affect your VPS account.

At jiWebHosting, we take additional measures to guarantee all our hosting items including VPS hosting are updated and protected. 

VPS is a real boon for website owners who need that flexibility of a dedicated server at a reasonable price. You can upgrade to one of our VPS plans in merely minutes. In the event that you require any help, please feel free to get in touch with us.