Despite the growth of several means of communication like social media, digital methods, messaging apps, etc., email continues to be one of the most important ways of business communication. Every company sends thousands of emails for various purposes on a daily basis. The importance of emails for your business cannot be ignored, but very few entrepreneurs understand why they need business email hosting. Organizations that use free email hosting services like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, do not realize that sending emails without domain names looks unprofessional and negatively impacts the receiver.

A business email is specifically used by businesses. The business email address has the company's name in it. It is written like Communicating through a business email ID gives you the authority to take action on behalf of the company. It builds trust in the receiver. Also, it leaves a good impression on the client. There are many more advantages of availing the email hosting services, read the complete blog to know them all.

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Importance of Email Hosting For Businesses

  • Storage Space: By availing of email hosting services, you can be sure of ample storage space. Proficient hosting providers usually provide plenty of storage space for you to store thousands of important messages. Also, the email plans are scalable & flexible. The providers allow you to expand or contract your storage space as per your requirements. 
  • Brand Image: Building a brand image is not a singular process, it requires a multitude of activities to acquire a reputable image in the market. Using business emails conveys professionalism to the client. If you are sending emails for business ventures, it shows that your business is well established, and you pay much attention to your reputation. Also, if you are writing a mail to a potential candidate for hiring purposes, it gives him confidence and builds his trust in the company.
  • Enhanced Security: If you are using the free email hosting services, anyone can create an email id with your company's name and can use it to harm your business. Also, the data and information shared are exposed to various threats. By using reliable email hosting services, you can ensure data and information security. Efficient email hosting providers offer security measures like firewalls, and SSL, and include secure HTTPS connections.
  • Remote Area Access: One of the most prominent benefits of availing of email hosting services is that you can access them anywhere remotely. The reputed email hosting provider will make sure of the availability of the resources from any location at any time. This reduces downtime to the minimum and allows employees to work from remote locations. Employees can access the hosted email services with proper credentials and continue their work no matter where they go.
  • Trust & Authorization: A business email account is trusted a lot more than a free email address. No Matter whether you are sending an email to a potential client, job applicant or employee, the business email authorizes your designation and develops trust in the receiver for your company. A professional email address has your domain name. It is the name with which your company's official website is hosted on the internet. So if the receiver wants to know more about your company, he can easily visit your website.

Are You Looking For Secure & Efficient E-Mail Hosting Services?

We can sum up by saying that availing of business email hosting services is a smart step that leads to an improved business reputation. A proficient email hosting provider will imply effective measures to block infected emails before they enter your network. Also, using business emails is a cost-effective method as it saves the cost of maintaining the free email infrastructure. If you are looking for a coherent and reliable email hosting provider, jiWebHosting is the best option to implement robust security measures to keep your network safe from threats. You can contact us for more details.