We are living in a time, where new companies consider having a website set up even before they have an appropriate office. After all, for what reason would not they? Having an online presence has turned into a standard, not only for organizations also for individuals. The world has turned into a little place with the greater part of us being firmly associated with the online world. Also, having a website is one of the best approaches to upgrade your online presence.

One of the initial steps towards building your online presence is through domain name registration. In the physical world, people have to look through your name and contact you through the stored contacts in their phones or phone books. Likewise, a website domain name goes about as the unique identifier for your own profile, image, or business, in the web world. But, is it really essential to register a domain for your website?

Here are the top 5 reasons to have your domain name registration done.

Ensures Long-Term Memory: As pointed out before, a domain name that in the long run turns into your website URL is the perfect path for individuals to find you in the online world. The explanation for you having a website is that individuals come to know about your business, brand, products, services or the professional activities that you are involved with. But, how will people arrive at your website? This is the place having a domain name plays a key part.

You can have it imprinted on your visiting card or promote the domain name URL via social media with the goal that people can quickly visit your site. Registering a relevant domain name for yourself or your business can enable people to recall your website for quite a while and make critical credibility for your business. Most imperatively, an enrolled domain name is identified by search engines like Google and stored in their memory.

Remains Constant Even After Location Change: Despite your web hosting provider, you may run over a circumstance when you want to move to an alternate web host. An enlisted domain name guarantees that your website visitors are not affected even by an entire change in the physical location of your website files. For them, the website, in any case, be at a similar place, sparing you the hassle of informing everyone of them about the change in the location.

Nothing changes for your intended target audience, they simply type your domain name or tap on it from search engine results, and they are taken specifically to your website's new location.

Provides Better Email Addresses: Regardless of whether you are a business or a working professional, a common email id with Gmail or Yahoo or Rediffmail does not appear to be sufficiently professional. You need to send online messages from a business email that tends to that build up your own brand or business brand. It is here that registration of at least one suitable domain names helps as you get the ability to have multiple email addresses of your decision.

On the personal front, you can choose a domain name lastname.com which enables you to have an email id like firstname@lastname.com. Here, you can improvise with the part that shows up before '@'. From a business point of view, your space name could speak your brand, item, or the business name itself. What's more, having an email id that ends with your business character after '@' makes a recall value in the minds of your customers.

We have seen many explanations behind having your area name enrollment done on an immediate basis. Your domain name availability may be constrained if you need to register well-known domain extension, for example, .com, .net or .in, in this way, it bodes well to have it booked right away once you have chosen to have a website against it.

Yet, in the event that regardless you are not ready to get your desired domain name then you can depend on the many new gTLDs that have now been launched, for example, .xyz, .site, and .cab. Hope the details shared above helps you to settle on an informed decision with respect to purchasing a domain name for your site. Feel free to share your questions or experience in the comments section below.