If you are running a business, then you must be using an email too? How do you use your email? Many email users find the use of paid hosting unnecessary but what if you have important documents stored in your email account? The number of email-related scenarios occurs that cause significant damage to your business like stealing passwords, hacking emails, etc. Thus, using an insecure email increase the chance of losing subscribers, the customer decelerates your business growth.

In such a case it is important to employ a professional email hosting provider but before that, it is important to understand what email hosting is.

Email hosting is a service in which the hosting provider provides an email server to the users. Different hosting providers offer free versions of email hosting but to take advantage of flexibility and power of services many businesses employ professional email services. The professional email hosting manages both incoming and outgoing emails that are being managed by a separate shared and dedicated servers.

Why Choose a Professional Email Server Hosting Provider?

Choosing a professional email hosting offers you peace of mind. It helps in concentrating on the development of businesses rather than managing emails.

Also, the professional email server offers attractive features like unlimited forwarders, unlimited aliases, large attachments, auto-responders, spam and virus protection, blacklists and backups, contacts management and lot more.

It also offers a seamless way to access emails from anywhere using a smartphone, outlook or web-emails.

Benefits of Employing Email Hosting Services

  • Keeping Lines of Communication Open

Hosting website and email on a single domain increase the risk of taking both down at the same time. This makes it difficult for the client to reach you until everything is sorted. This can harm your relationship thus harming your business. The best benefit of using email hosting services is it keeps the website and email host separated from each other.

  • No Migration On Moving A Website

Website migration becomes necessary with time to avail of a better price, faster speed, etc, but the hosting services are sometimes not up to the mark. This may lead to file corruption or other technical issues. Transferring email and email exchanger record (MX record) is not an easy task and therefore it is always good to separate the email. So while your domain is propagating to the new server the email will still work thus maintain your contact with your clients.

  • Looks Professional 

Of course, when you receive an email from a personalized domain it seems to be more impressive than what from Google domain. The former looks more business-like and gain more trust of customers. Above all, it enhances your brand image thus playing a significant role in boosting your business growth. Another major benefit is that even in the case of damage of internal server one can easily communicate with customers because of the presence of email hosting on different locations. 

  • Additional Features

Free email accounts do not offer additional features while choosing a business email hosting account one can receive benefits like additional storage space, spam protection, brute-force attack protection, recovery points and lot more. Also, it allows custom configuration and provides multiple domains or emails.

  • Saves Money

As businesses grow in size, there is an increasing demand for costly servers. But doing so make it important to hire an IT person who is well-trained to run a server, keep it updated, etc. This will cost a lot and therefore it is good to outsource email requirements to the email hosting company. They will offer secure email services and keep it up for running it 24/7. 

Wrapping Up

Although almost all the email hosts offer highly scalable services with every increasing demand, you have to pay a certain amount. The scalability of the server upgrade the website and offer more storage, mailboxes, etc that helps your business to grow.

Invest proper time in choosing the service provider as it would play a very significant role in conducting business. jiWebHosting offers the Email Hosting Services that allow you to have reliable and quick access to your email communication 24/7.