Technology is continuously changing, the internet has become a primary source of communication for enterprises and individuals. The digital magazine Windows IT pro reports reveal that during the survey, 96.84 percent of respondents stated that email is one of the fundamental necessities for day to day business. Unlike in the past, most external, as well as internal communications, are done with emails because this method is considered as faster than calling. 

Whether you prefer Outlook, Zimbra or any other your by default mail solution, there is a need for an email hosting service to go live and use it as professional mail. However there are multiple email hosting providers are available in the market, but all does not suit your business requirements. How can you find one that wraps your all needs? 

Search for an email hosting service that provides a variety of features and different service levels. 

So, You Can Begin with the Basics That Can Be Helpful For You-

1. Security

Email acts as an important pillar for business communications. It takes account of confidential data that must be accessed by the designated recipient. A little room for maneuvers in email security can leads to unauthorized access, monetary loss and data breaches. 

That’s why security must be your top priority while looking for a provider. 

Never use free email hosting services as they don’t have inbuilt mandatory security features. No matter whether your organization is using third-party tools such as Dropbox, Trello for managing multiple business projects, but these all are connected with your email address. You must opt for email hosting that compliance with HIPAA as well as FISMA regulations for maximum security. 

Your Preferred Email Must Have the Following Security Measures-

  1. End-to-end encryption
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Open-source
  4. Privacy protection
  5. Server location

2. Compatibility & Flexibility

As a business owner, you know the value of productivity and you can’t take a backseat to afford that. The only solution you have is Secure Email Hosting Services! It must have an enterprise-level to sync with multiple devices for the operations. No matter how much employee strength you have, every employee must have access to the calendars, contacts and shared folders with just one click. What’s more, you can even scale your business without having multiple domains and email solutions. 

3. Optimum Storage & Archiving Functions

There’s nothing worse than that when you view the notificatiIn the world on “MAILBOX FULL” every day at the moment when you log in or during working hours. But there are important messages that you can’t delete from your inbox. Cluttered mailboxes take over the business proficiency because the user needs to delete the message first to make a way for new emails in the inbox.

These problems can be solved by choosing reliable email hosting providers that give enough email storage beside with archive option. By doing so, you don’t need to deal with cluttered mailboxes as well as email recovery. Having these options in hand can help an organization do away with saving bulky .pst files and draw their attention towards their goals.

4. Administration & Operation

As we already discussed above that email serves as the backbone of the organizations because the important messages can be delivered to multiple users worldwide with just one mouse click. The best email hosting service provider gives customer support as well as monitor round the clock through chat, voice call and emails. Also, they provide complete support ranging from installation, maintenance to that of troubleshooting. Some companies also provide an interactive, user-friendly web interface to the users for creating the tickets within a seconds if any problem arises.

Why Use Email Hosting Services?

  1. Hosted email service sounds professionalism and builds brand trust among the clients in the world.
  2. Enable users to take advantage of a special ID’s with prominent company name.
  3. Never run out of inbox space.
  4. Firewall Protection, Secure HTTPS connections, SSL encryption, spam, and antivirus filtering makes email secure.
  5. Give proper credentials for easy access so that workers can use it outside the office while keeping data secure.

Wrapping Up

As the technology is in the light of developments, make sure your email service provider keep it getting more powerful simultaneously in the intervening years. So if you are looking for competitive email hosting services, jiWebHosting has got you covered. Our IT professionals and experienced team are dedicated to assisting you in every aspect of email hosting.