We all have the right to put our ideas online, and so the websites have taken birth in this era. These days, what's not is available online, anything you type in the search engine, get directly in front of you in the form of websites. 

You can find a website for everything! And this is good for the users and customers, but not good for the business people, as it promotes the massive competition. Now to stand out among all, the website needs to be developed with unique designs, great content marketing, responsiveness, and also 'a great web-hosting plan'. 

Now, what does the term 'great web hosting' mean? A great web hosting services deals by providing good storage space for a website or any application on a particular server on the internet. It creates your online presence over the internet and allows users to access it from anywhere at any time. Great web hosting plans operate based on your expected web traffic and provide a sturdy infrastructure to host your website at great. 

You have probably heard about, 'What you see is on sale'. The website also runs on such concepts, and that's how the great and robust web hosting plans make your website for sale, which is browsing among the users at maximum. 

But today, there is a hub of such website hosting service providers, and to make your's one unique and different from others, you need to consider some essential components that your service plans must include. But before that, let us learn how the online business gets benefits from the web hosting plans. 

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How Online Businesses Benefit From a Web Hosting Plan?

Today, the mandatory requirement for the business website is a web hosting service to mark it publish on the internet. The great web hosting plans include everything that values the user-experience. It helps the online business by making sure the client's websites are running 24/7 and responsive towards the users. The web host's in-house services also help the website owners in their troubleshooting time, such as debuting, email issues, domain name renewal, and a lot more. Also, it ensures a hassle-free user-experience plus owner-experience, so that both can enjoy the successful running of their businesses. 

Whether it's your blog website, e-commerce website, or any service-based website, the professional and great web hosting plans will help you to run an effective, profitable, manageable, and overall a productive business. 

Essential Features Of a Great Web Hosting Plan

Now, let's discuss the key components that must be included in your web hosting plan to come as a unique and different one from the others. The clients or customers always look for the one who is 'a cupcake in a world full of muffins'

So let's be that cupcake that is an outstanding web hosting service provider by including the following essentials and avoid those calamitous consequences in the business: 

1. 24x7 Technical Support 

Your web hosting service plan must include the 24/7 technical support, so that if the client faces something wrong going on his/her website, then they can get any time from anywhere technical support. If your client is having some complex systems and sophisticated applications, then your web hosting plan must aid them with all-time technical support. 

2. Free Domain Hosting & Free SSL

The web hosting plan must come with free domain hosting & free SSL. It would be then an affordable way for the clients to launch their website along with the all-inclusive package. And the free SSL security certificate allows you to operate visitors' data and overall website data with no security worries. 

3. Hosting with Optimization

Every website is with its own content marketing or blog marketing strategy, but it has no use unless you own a fast speed of the website. If your client is running a blog website, then the blog speed matters a lot to run it successfully. Hence, your web hosting plan must have affordable support and servers optimized for the content publishing tools such as WordPress and custom built caching plugins too. 

4. Guaranteed Uptime & High Availability

When the website is going offline, again and again, that is the most annoying part and there is nothing more worst than that. Thus, your web hosting plan must deal with a web host that supports an uptime of at least 99.95%. By choosing such web hosting plans, the visitors will have a good impression of your site and this will also increase their retention rate. And for the ones who are looking for cloud hosting and sophisticated hosting, for them, the high availability of servers is required. So your plan must be integrated with servers that remain online for 99.99% and 100% uptime. 

5. Sturdy Security Features

Cybercrimes and scams are very often in the world of websites and their marketing. And the online business will always look for the web hosting plans that aid them with the assured and robust security features so that their website system won't get affected in any terms. Your web hosting plan must provide them an array of tools with intrusion prevention, email scanning, spam removal, and SSL encryption to overcome various threats. 

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The closing lines say that the above-mentioned components are some top essentials that must be included in your web hosting plan to serve the clients with optimum results. This detailed insight into the hosting features is important to jot down to lead a successful web hosting service among the customers. If you are looking for such web hosting plans, then visit our website. jiWebHosting is also one of the best web hosting service providers that have high-class dedicated servers to offer secure plus fast website and mobile app hosting solutions. Visit us NOW!