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Why Static Websites Have Gained the Spotlight all Over Again?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 27 Nov 2018
  • Hosting

A slow website with moving characters all over the landing pages and a website which is fast, reliable, and loads quickly. What if I ask you to choose one out of both? Your answer would be quiet obvious that who has so much spare time to wait for a website to load? Isn't it? So, let me tell you right here that yes, STATIC WEBSITES are back! What is the need for static websites? Gone is the time where people preferred more attractive websites, r...

Why Everyone Must Upgrade to HTTP/2

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 13 Nov 2018
  • Hosting

What if I tell you that your website will load faster using fewer resources and at the same expenses? It would be a WOW for you. Isn't it? Just a few decades back, the web was not as accessible and reliable as it is today. Agree? But as with the growing advancements and demands in the IT industry, the scenario has taken a different turn and things have become easier for us. And when we talk about issues in websites, developers have worked hard to overcome the current issues including speed, performance, and a lot more with...

Tips to Protect your Startup Website from Cyber Attacks

When was the last time you heard about a hacking attempt on a website? Might be today itself. Isn't it? No doubt, technology has evolved in such a way that it has given an entry to businesses to bloom out uniquely, but don't forget it equally gave an entry to the hackers and cyber attacks too. Agree? More the data is made available over the web, more chances will the hackers get to steal your data. They are looking for an opportunity to peep into your network and fetch the most out of it. Why is cybersecurity necessary for your startup w...

5 PHP Security Issues and How to Prevent them

When was the last time you heard about a website getting hacked? Maybe today only! Isn't it? Data attacks have become so common these days. You know why? Developers write enough code but at some point, they accidentally write a vulnerability which compromises the website security. Being the website owner it's such a pain when you encounter security issues in your own website. Agree? It becomes necessary to safeguard your website from data threats at any cost, otherwise, you'll stand nowhere in the industry. Top PHP security issues

Prevent Your eCommerce Website from Hackers

Hackers are continually looking for getting access to your eCommerce websites to jump in and perform malicious activities. In the event that you own an eCommerce website, it is essential for you to ensure that no hacker can get into your eCommerce website. Online security of your eCommerce website must be among your top priorities with the end goal to ensure the essential information of your customers. An identity thief or a hacker chases for critical information like debit/credit card numbers, contact data and o...

Boost Your Web Application Performance with these Easy Tricks

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 11 Oct 2018
  • Hosting

Have you ever visited a website and waited for a minute while the pages load? You would say a no. Isn’t it? We simply can’t deny the fact that a website which has a quicker loading of pages and displays instant results will definitely receive better customer engagement as compared to a slow website. And the reason is simple- everyone is so busy that they won’t wait for the pages to load, rather there are hundreds of similar websites on the internet so they’ll make a switch and would never turn back to you. Best ways to imp...

How to Secure your Dedicated Server in 2018?

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 09 Oct 2018
  • Hosting

Security breaches are expanding step by step and you cannot simply disregard the security of your data anymore. Tragically, cyber-crimes happen each day and websites of all sizes and scopes are focused for individual advantages. If you have a website on a dedicated server, it is true that you are in better condition as far as security is concerned than many other types of hosting.  And still, at the end of the day, there are some steps that you should consider for adding some extra security to your dedicated hosting s...

Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to Cloud

  • Rachna Sachdeva
  • 04 Oct 2018
  • Hosting

When it comes to cloud migration best practices, there are various organizational elements to consider and several potential problems to avoid. This article outlines top cloud migration mistakes web hosting providers usually make and highlights how they can affect an organization's efforts to actualize cloud migration best practices. This article also clarifies why the "lift and shift" approach is not generally the most ideal approach when attempting to maximize the advantages of the cloud. This a...

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